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Conference Billing Practices

Radically audio conference billing practices include with the provisioning of a toll or toll free dial in number network across varying location and telephone networks allowing online meetings participants to connect with the audio conference bridge and thus attend the scheduled teleconference session.

The teleconference or audio conference service provider charges each of the online meetings participants phone lines on a per minute basis varying from anywhere between 10 – 25 cents. The charges furthermore may include the local or long distance call charges made by the meeting participants to connect with the conference room via the conference dial in numbers from their respective telephone or mobile service providers.

The ease of web conference tools for interactive web browser based presentations including sharing documents & presenter controls in a real time conference conversation integrated further with interactive visual communication via simplified web cam solutions and audio conference voice across a reliable international calling network for the movement of the republic advanced communication.

Traditional web conference billing models charges per seat license per month basis ranging from anywhere between 100 – 250 USD and lately there have been new comers charging web conference licenses on a per minute basis very similar to the audio conference billing model that we have discussed above and typically varies from 20 – 50 cents per minute per license.

Bring in the entire conference solution arrangements in-house. Both local & global business entities have opened new channels of efficiency and cost controls for the voice of their business communications attiring all three audio, video and web conference features.

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