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VOIP Conference Dial-Out Calling via Short Message Service

VOIP Conference Dial-Out Calling via Short Message Service

VOIP Conference Dial-Out Calling via Short Message Service

Cellular phone users across the globe are an intense proposition for any country and the intensity of mobile service provider competition needs no briefing. The demand is to not only attract the best in service & coverage but the amalgamation of new value added products constantly and maintain the standards of their network.

The rise in the adversary of unified communication technology especially the attire of audio conferencing is on an all time high. The demand of audio conferencing communication via mobile phone has its own limitation with the maximum of three-way conversation by one user. Of course, others in the conversation can again bring in two more participants on the ongoing mobile conference conversation.

Conferencing using a standard mobile phone using regular calling plan is indeed limited when it comes to the notion of comparing the same from the perspective of making a multi party conference call using the same device and yet yield manifold.

Instant SMS based audio conferencing services revivifies the consonance of the human endeavor in achieving the unperceivable logics of technological ruse on a role to merge limitless possibilities of corporate communication across the globe.

Technically, the service is as simple as sending a SMS to the USN platform of any mobile service provider to decipher the backend code that relays the details of the parties to be joiner into a conference call. Once the backend message is relayed and decoded, the USN platform furthermore initiates the outgoing calling to bring in all the scheduled participants intended to attend the scheduled multi party audio conference conversation.

One of the core possibilities merged by the advanced USN platform is the ability to interface and connect forthwith both TDM and VOIP network with mobile SMS services to initiate a remote mobile SMS triggered conference event. Intelligent, convenient and instant mobile SMS based conference solutions in the legacy of either TDM based MSC (Mobile Switching Center) as well as Soft Switch based MSC that is ideally to support VOIP trunks.

Jet lagged protégés are always short on time as their profile is as such that keeps them rolling one after another and for such a scenario which is again so practically endurable. With monotonous activities like sending an invitation to attend a scheduled conference call along with the details of the conference bridge and the credentials to join the conference at the scheduled hour.

With the introduction of advanced and convenient SMS based conference trigger under the network of USN platform that supports SMPP3.4 (Short Message Peer-to-Peer) protocol that plainly plays the role interfacing the audio conference event with external SMSC (Short Messaging Service Center).

This unique feature under the USN platform to support both Mobile Originating (MO) and Mobile Terminations (MT) traffic in real time to allow SMS powered audio conference users to simply send a SMS text message to the USN platform and allow the backend configuration thereafter to concierge users and attendees to be welcomed into the scheduled conference event.

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