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Web Dial Out Conferencing Features

Web Dial Out Conferencing Features

Web Dial Out Conferencing Features

The most common means of attending or conducting a teleconference session is by picking up any phone, dial the conference access number and follow the IVR prompts to enter the conference room, better known as Dial-In conference access option. However, with web based dial-out option, attendees simply receive an incoming call initiated by the conference leader using the online conference manager.

Web based dial out has many advantages both for an individual or a group by ensuring that a participant does not miss a scheduled conference session by forgetting to dial in to the conference. Participants prefer the dial-out mode since the meeting attendees does not need to keep track of the dial-in number and has the flexibility to automatically enter a conference session without the need to punch any access or pass-codes. They simply receive a free incoming call (depending on your phone service provider) on their phone and answer the call to enter the conference session.

Monitoring the conference session is again a lot easier with dial out as each participant is assigned a name or label along with other features via the online conference manager. Conference leader signs in to the conference manager console and use their address book or outlook contacts or manually feed in the meeting attendees details with advanced options to trigger multiple dial outs. If your conference session includes the same group of participants on a regular basis, web-based conference dial out is again a convenient feature. The entire process to attend or invite an attendee in the conference becomes very easy & simple to understand.

Conference leader can trigger multiple blast dial-outs to all the meeting participants with just a single click. No operator or reservation is required to conduct the conference session and makes it easy to initiate a conference call on the go. The dial out feature mitigates issues like late logging in to the conference or the need to remember the dial in details and empowers the conference leader to control day-to-day conference calls on time.

Web-based dial-out further enables the conference leader to add more participants in an on-going conference session also referred as sub-conferencing and eliminates the need for any expensive hardware to make or attend the conference call. It is a great feature for participants from remote locations where they do not have any toll or toll free dial in conference access numbers to attend the conference session. Moderators or the conference leader can trigger a dial out to these participants and place them in the conference at no cost to the attendees, which is again a boon.

Planning a Conference Event

Meet Here

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Essentially a typical conference event must meet attributes like a dedicated conference dial-in access number for participants across the globe to join in the conference using both toll & toll free methods. Assign dedicated pass-codes or PIN to the organizer, conference leader & the conference participants. Consider rolling out session based PIN or participant pass codes for security reasons so that they expire automatically after a scheduled event.

An experienced conference organizer would know which global destinations offers toll free dial in access numbers for participants to join in the audio portion of a live conference event broadcasted in real time to remote participants and thereby ensuring that everyone gets the best value!

Conference & event organizers, conference operators or general conference users must ensure three prime aspects in the ability to listen, talk and control an event with live interactive tools as conference deliverables unequivocally extended as features by many conference providers.

The conference bridge that allocates various conference rooms deployed by various conference vendors must deliver pristine audio quality, zero relay or time gap over the audio portion that you talk in to the conference and the controls over the web application that allows features to the conference leader like the option to trigger a sub-conference, changing presenter controls, and more.

Typical conference event solutions apply for a variety of subjects and few of the prime that we have listed include:

  • Educational Web Seminars
  • Online Training Events
  • Investor Relations Calls
  • Big Corporate Announcements
  • Quarterly Performance Reports
  • Annual Sales Meetings
  • Corporate Boardroom Events
  • Political Speaking Events
  • Promotional Events
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