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Features of SMS Conference Dial Outs

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In continuation to our post “SMS Conference Dial Outs” we dig deeper into the rabbit hole and look for more features attired by the role of short messaging services to trigger online meetings & conferences.

An interesting and unique instant conference solution feature integrated with mobile short messaging service is the ability to initiate a scheduled conference call from remote locations with out the need for any data connection or a device like a laptop or a desktop computer.

Interesting pre-automated features include the ability to rejoin a conference call if the participant drops the call unintentionally with the option to allow the participant to continue with the conference call by calling back and join in the ongoing conference in less than 2-3 minutes. Such attire is absolutely blessed if an accidental phone disconnection does not inadvertently disconnect any ongoing conference call participant.

In such a case, ensure that the participant is aware of the various other modes to join the ongoing conference session like toll & toll free dial in access numbers. It is important to therefore intimate all the conference participants with the information to join a conference session using multiple modes by providing them the details via an email or an SMS as well including the pass-codes and the toll & toll free dial in numbers.

More alternative solutions would include the scenario to initiate a callback if the participants are dropped accidentally. In such a case, the system is configured intelligently to call back the participant automatically and allow them to join the scheduled conference session. However, the system can again limit the entry of such scenarios to say 2-3 tries for reasons of security during the conference event attended by participants from all parts of the globe via a network of incoming dial in access numbers as well as web based dial outs triggered via SMS.

SMS codes could be furthermore configured to automatically detect a predefined phone number as the conference host for the duration of the meeting, record an online meeting session as well as request the call details & post conference reports by sending a preset code via an SMS!

Additionally SMS conference service users can configure their mobile phones with speed keys that in the back end comply with the process to send SMS blast dial outs to different groups and thus exhibit the talent to initiate an instant audio conference session by using the speed dial feature on their phone. An inspiring talented feature configured to reach priorities like a broader official communication channeled based on organizational hierarchy, calling your family members, calling friends & colleagues etc.

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SMS Conference Dial Outs

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SMS based conference triggers are essentially tools best attired for professionals who are constantly on the go and therefore the need to attire tools that felicitate them to conduct & initiate a conference session by sending preformatted SMS that works more like codes where each code is predefined for a specific job. SMS Conference Dial Outs are a well thought out process that is defined well in advance with pre-requisites like sorting the list of participants who are to be dial out by the system automatically once the system receives a preformatted message in the shape of an SMS to perform the necessary action.

Regular SMS based conference service users configure the list of the participants and adds them into a group that will deliver the SMS to the group users respectively to attend a forthcoming conference event. Different message codes could be configured like for instance, SMS 52272 to instantly start a dial out trigger to users in a dedicated group.

More actions of SMS codes could be predefined for the role to include a particular phone number to be the conference host automatically by allowing the system to identify the host’s phone number and therefore deploy him/her as the conference speaker for the duration of the scheduled meeting. The best part with SMS based conference trigger is the independency in the deliverables of the service only for the duration of establishing connection.

Once a connection is established and all participants are placed in the conference, thereafter the same is not depended on any other factors like an internet connection and therefore making SMS based conference services even bigger and better as compared to mobile conference services or a typical web based desktop conference event for freelance conference operators whose role is limited to initiating & placing participants to a scheduled conference session.

If two conference callers were using the same PIN to log in to a conference event, the second caller would automatically be recognized as a participant by the system intelligently to give the first participant flexibility-enhanced maneuverability as the conference host!

In summary, SMS based instant audio conferencing services allow:

  • Send a SMS message to trigger a web based conference dial out process
  • Send an inbound call and trigger dial out conference with remote participants
  • Create a group for regular participants and send an instant SMS to trigger a scheduled conference call
  • Send Group SMS for an event like a corporate Webinar or an online trade show
  • Ability to record the audio conference sessions on the go by sending SMS
  • Receive call details and usage reports by sending a simple SMS to a preconfigured number like 57222
  • SMS codes to automatically place a predefined phone number to be the conference host for the duration of the meeting.

We will discuss more features on SMS based conference triggers to dial out conference participants and manage the call using a set of preformatted SMS codes arranged intelligently to deploy defined actions under its ambit

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