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Callback Services 4 Global Calling

International Call Back Service plans offers you a range of prepaid calling options as well as unlimited international calling plan for a flat monthly rental.

Follow the same suite of solutions for the latest arrival of smart phone apps for a for Android OS, Blackberry 7 iPhone incredibly works from any Wi-Fi hot spot location including the US and other locations across the globe, without costing anything to the mobile carrier roaming minutes other than the data connection.

With 1-Click International dialing with PIN less dialing where the process of account authentication and gateway via VOIP communication is registered to your preferred phone number and so that the user can now simply click on the contact from their smart phone and trigger the call.

The smart phone application will automatically dial the local access number from the preconfigured location settings based on the user’s international location and follow up with auto authentication & PIN less dialing as a measure of unified registration of the user’s telephone number.

Customizable greetings and a range of other value added web account services, including the option to change the default call back number while traveling with the hotel room number or any other local number from any international destinations.

Smart Phone applications will detect intelligently to trigger the call back to the updated call back number using the data connection and once the incoming call is answered, another call is triggered to the desired contact’s destination number including both mobile and landline number.

You can also reverse the process discussed above and configure to trigger the first call to the desired destination number and when the call is answered, customize branding greetings from the IVR welcomes or thanks the caller and request them to hold while they connect the call to your default callback number.

Integrate 1-click international dialing to callback service smart phone apps from the same account and experience the convenience of single click dialing to trigger a customized greetings call to the user and connecting them to you once they answer your call. Incredibly, your phone number remains the same as saved on your address book and thus not confusing the receiver with an unidentified number.

Android OS Powered International Calling

Android OS based smart phone apps are an extended third party applications marketing  a host of native device functionality and thereby reserving an unprecedented degree of open source integration for the purpose of gaming to affordable international calling experience at a quarter of your current cost.

Initiate all your international calls from your Android OS powered smart phone address book contacts just like a regular call by intelligently using the carrier’s data network to trigger a two way international dialing process and connecting both the calls while experiencing the same decree of call quality & clarity.

Android OS powered international calling apps or to be more precise international call back triggering app is a free to download lightweight mobile application that installs in seconds and configures all the contacts on your Android smart phone with the option to trigger a call back to your smart phone number and when you answer the call, another call is triggered to connect with the desired destination number.

Ensure that the desired destination of the contact is dialed by prefixing the appropriate country code followed by the destination number as well as savings all the contacts on the smart phone users address book with the same process of prefixing the destination numbers with the correct country code based on the location of the contacts.

Whenever a call needs to be placed, the Android OS user simply chooses the contacts name with from their address book and triggers an outgoing international call to the desired destination contact using the data connectivity. The entire process from initiating the call to integrating both the calls for a unified conversation experience is conveniently simple and affordably competitive giving the luxury of smart international calling from any android OS powered smart phone.

Every time the Android OS powered smart phone user opts to use the international call back services, the device automatically routes the call using data connectivity to trigger the first call to the default call back number of the caller. Once the incoming call is answered by the caller, a second call is triggered to the desired destination contact number eliminating long distance calling charges on roaming provided by your smart phone mobile network carrier.

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