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IP PBX Network 4 Conference Events

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IP PBX Network for conference communication is the process of installing an in-house conference bridge connected to the existing PBX network infrastructure for an organization, deployed to trigger more return on investments by directly terminating telecom lines, be it PSTN or VOIP network with automated custom greetings, and a host of other features.

In-house conference solutions could be divided into two prime categories for easier comprehension; by procuring proprietary multi-party conference solutions from the current IP PBX provider and configuring in to the existing network infrastructure as the first primary. Else, businesses may opt to rent dedicated collocated external server and configuring the same in accord to their current network settings.

Connecting a conference call session using IP PBX solutions is an integrated IP telephony solution that handles both analog calls sent over the public switched telephone network (PSTN) as well as IP calls transmitted over data network and the internet via a variety of conference phones and related products & devices.

IP PBX conference solutions not only gives you significant savings on your overall communication package but also leverages additional interactive video calling solutions too, making your corporate communications more interesting, engaging & intimate.

IP PBX Conference solutions are the ultimate tool for large audio video conferences where hundreds and thousands of participants attend the scheduled conference events from remote locations across the globe by allowing multiple dial-in calls to be bridged rather than dialing out each & every participant from your PBX network.

IP Telephony based conference calls allow administrators to create dedicated conference rooms varying for different departments in an organization and generate session based PIN or pass codes for the participants to authenticate while dialing in to a conference event. Once your event is concluded, these session based PIN or pass codes immediately expires and thus ensuring absolute security arrangements for your conference events.

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