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Web Conferencing Science

Web Conferencing Science

Web Conferencing Science

Atop web conference features & technology over audio conferencing conducted by global participants and conference operators for the facilitation of interactive presentations based with remote sharing features in the integrity of virtuosity & sufficing the notion of “your business office from anywhere!”

The resultant of these technologically advanced and computing science based merged solutions engages cost savings, enhanced workforce efficiencies, team’s travel time savings and solutions that are more viable for global enterprises, corporate, SMB, firms and more.

The merger of web 2.0 technology in the integrity of IP based conference connectivity to trigger web-based dial-outs and bring in conference attendees, fuels even more innovation and strength in the comprehensive agreement of conference science for conferencing communications.

Web conferencing science adapts audio or phone conferences, records the audio conferences, broadcast large events & trade shows, web cast educational sessions, conduct corporate Webinar and more using live interactive visual communications with the balance of web based conference tools for enhanced unified collaboration.

Variants of web conference alike products furthermore includes podcast technology, conference captioning, conference copyediting, conference transcription, high definition videoconferencing, mobile conferencing, online learning, online distant education, online classroom management, blackboard environment technology and even more ever expandable innovations for the merger of communication or more specifically unified communication remotely.

The tomorrow that we wish to perceive in the actions of our everyday motion irreversibly connects the science of web conference technology with the establishment of remote allies that pertains long time remote prospects. Who would wish to challenge such a dominant factor that many have refused so far and more aversion in the same league can no longer be an attire of excuse!


Multipoint Video Conferencing

Multipoint Video Conferencing

Multipoint Video Conferencing

Web based multiparty video conference solutions uniquely deploy high-performance projectiles of new found power mergers for your business and the goal is to identify the structure of business units, be it SMB, SME or a large enterprise. In addition, rich variants like point-to-point and Multipoint video conference solutions add more to the clause of a feasible and an unparalleled communication bridge.

Multiparty video conference bridging services between two or more video nodes at dedicated high-speed ISDN or IP networks is based on the architecture of integrated point to Multipoint services that are ideal for online learning lectures and video training broadcasts, virtual training sessions, product launches and demonstrations, online promotions and events, virtual press conferences, webcast sessions, e-learning and online distant education.

Large party conferences for businesses are ideal for interaction where participation is anticipated from each attendee to discuss everyday agendas ranging from sales reviews, staff meetings, board meetings customer – vendor training sessions and more multi point services with visual architecture at each end of the conference line.

Point-to-Point Services in reference are the ideal means of instant one-on-one interaction from attendees from every corner of the globe to conduct small conferences, interactive visual interviews for remote candidates, customer – vendor meetings, legal depositions, remote troubleshooting & more.

Point-to-Point Videoconference

Point-to-Point Videoconference

High-quality audio & video conference sessions today is the order of many SMB and large enterprises businesses with global workforce, customers, vendors, partners and are changing the very nature of communication within any conventional office spaces. Point-to-Point & Multipoint Video Conference Solutions are quintessentially simpler in the purview of remote global conversations, remote controlled collaborated presentations, and score more effectiveness & purpose as compared to a regular phone based audio conference communication channels for businesses across the globe.

Teleconferencing as some may refer or audio conference solutions and their counterparts web conferencing integrated with video conference science is the future for businesses, online education & unified communications. Deploy a virtual environment in just seconds to conduct rich interactive video-based discussions, corporate boardroom presentations, intelligent visual & data transmission for online meeting activities using features like document sharing, desktop sharing, remote presenter controls, annotation & whiteboard tools.

Multiparty Video Conference

Multiparty Video Conference

Deploy stimulating, engaging activities like online on-demand polling between the meeting attendees for various topics & subjects as the agenda of the conference session takes motion to drive purpose into profit. These intelligent Q & A sessions are very demanding in terms of execution and defining the sense of an agenda in accord with highly skilled conference operators offered by almost all conference vendors today for the sole purpose of hassle free smooth interactions

With dedicated port based services and dedicated seat based video conference solutions, large enterprise workforce resources are able to experience the spontaneity of exchanging thoughts & sharing ideas across business associates, colleagues, clients, etc together with the aid of unified conferencing platforms anytime, anywhere in an instant!

Blackboard Environment: Trainer’s Arsenal!

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The usage of blackboard environment is deeply dynamic in nature either synchronously for trainees or for students using their personal laptop or smart phone devices while attending the online classroom session or asynchronously that relates tasks that you can save online and complete from your desktop at home.

Online state-of-the-art video conferencing technology for online learning and blackboard environment web based repositories are extensively used for most online classroom or group based discussions and activities with the assistance of real time virtual collaboration tools like private & public chat tools, online discussion threads, forums, emails etc.

Be aware and dedicated towards participants or students who are hesitant or shy in being in an online discussion board and therefore make sure that you have communicated easy prompt accessibility to your phone or other contactable options to reach you.

Persuade & promote the notion to sit in the first few rows from a remote physical classroom via video conferencing technology, as at times it is difficult to see students sitting beyond the first few rows. Converse mandatory ground rules for all your remote classroom session to avoid the usage of microphones or mute your audio controls as one of the most common complaints relayed by students is in relation to excessive microphone static or noise.

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Encourage the relay of blackboard environment technology for online study materials as well as other such propagandas pertaining to online education or remote classroom sessions inherited with video conferencing technology. Ensure that the trainer communicates clearly in advance, which of the study materials will be used for the next session and do they (the trainee) need to get a copy of the same.

Another trifle behavioral issue is when at times your classroom students are not able to hear the trainers lecture due to others talking in the same classroom and thus be sure to communicate abidance to any such common courtesy expectations.

Virtual collaboration tools can furthermore relate their importance with the facilitation of an online repository or customized homepage exclusive for each trainee where they can log on to the instructional platforms using their desktop or laptops and submit or queue up questions and clarifications through the public or private chatting feature.

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Training with Web Conferencing

Organizations around the globe are looking for web conferencing solutions to cut costs, increase productivity and improve profits and a major drive in this thrust is from the training department. Training is a dynamic wing for any organizations as the future of the company are nurtured all through the training door. Training is a department that addresses online training to deal with economic pressures and achieve greater efficiencies.

For example, according a latest report, North America has seen a surge in the usage of web conferencing by motivational trainers & training sessions.  About 55% has been using web conferencing solutions for the past 10 years or more and another 22% had five to ten years of experience. Fifty-one percent of these total respondents of the survey conducted by Citrix Online had never used web conferencing to conduct training.

Other Key findings of the survey include savings on the trainers travel cost and increasing the trainer’s reach. Trainers from these survey projects a growth of 34% in the coming year in the use of web conferencing although not surprisingly 14% of these respondents  cited “it is not a factor” when they were asked if savings on travel costs is a factor in their decision to move training online.

Understandably, the top reason quoted for what would inhibit the use of web conferencing for training is “training content that doesn’t display on a computer”

Trainers have agreed that the value of web conferencing for training is more than saving money and today web conferences are considered as the fastest growing alternative to in-person training.

Web conferencing engulfs engaging senses vs. audio conferencing alone, improves the trainers flexibility in content delivery vs. on-demand e-learning options and live training content often demands significantly lesser prep & production time. The bottom line is changing time call for changing tactics.

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