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Multiparty Mobile Conferencing

Multiparty conference calling is a scenario where multiple conference participants or online meeting attendees in tandem play the role of a conference presenter from different remote locations shaping the league of mobile unified communication tools.

With the use of improvised Universal Mobile Telecommunication System (UMTS) that offers considerably more bandwidth as compared to Global System for Mobile Communication (GSM), required especially for video conferencing, multiparty conferencing today are touching new novel heights and are fast becoming an important issue not only for internet applications but also for mobile network application.

Mobile multiparty conferencing is fast becoming a unique trend of feature offered by many global mobile service providers to subscribers enabling up to set up local as well as long distance multiparty conferencing to as many as 6 – 10 phone lines, allowing business subscribers to participate in online meetings even if all the participants are not together in one physical location!

Multiparty conferencing today has made a giant leap of innovation with the roll out of high definition multi party video conferencing to as many as 100 participants with added advantages like unlimited toll based audio conferencing allowing unlimited storage space to collaborate and discuss reports and presentations during a live multi party conference calls.

All the participants presiding over a live multiparty conference call could experience the same features as they have been using including remote screen sharing and remote desktop control via a league of new age smart phone devices like an iPad or any touch screen phone or device from any remote location or while on the go for jet lagged protégés.

Multiparty conferencing can furthermore be recorded for all the phone lines connected to the conference bridge during a scheduled conference session so that one can get to hear all the details discussed by any of the participants and giving an unprecedented total value from the entire exercise.

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