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Engaging Conference Activities with Web 2.0

Playback the audio conference session recorded in real time during the conference event so that the same is available to be broadcasted via the company website, mailers, download, newsletters, press releases and more.

Exhibit powerful question & answers based tool that is extremely helpful in gratifying the most accurate information to the participants attending a scheduled conference call and integrate conference transcription services to save and archive the entire dynamics of the conference.

Conference transcription services in simple words converts the entire conversations in to literary conduits provided in a conventional word format and have them available as downloads from the company web repository.

Add the consonance of real time voting or polling option to discuss important mandate with the participants. Create a stimulating responsive user engaging application. Broadcast web cast sessions of the recorded audio, video & web conferences and foreplay the same on the company website.

Value Added Conferencing Products

Conference solutions not only bridges time & remote connections, it foreplay the role of future communication when we bridge distances virtually with interactive live visual communication in tandem with remote collaborated actions that comes under the purview of unified collaboration and mobile unified communication in the ambit of 3G & the forthcoming 4G technology.

With the roll out of conference solutions, businesses across the globe are constantly driving new marketing tactics to mint profit and venture new global markets for their products & services. The predomination of corporate activities collaborates the need for constant strive to propagate innovative solutions that goes beyond traditional conferencing solutions and comes under the purview of what we refer as value added conferencing products.

Value added services like conference transcription services collated for both print media conference transcription and web transcription purposes furthermore elaborates the armory of innovation and new ideas under the ambit of advanced conference solutions. Conference copy-editing, conference captioning, conference recording, conference pod cast feeds, etc are more options available to furthermore add more zeal, niche & panache to the conference events.

For instance, conference transcription ensures that the objective of each of your conference session are converted in literary conduits available to a much larger audience beyond the boardroom conference participants but to the entire business mass for a company or organization. Conference transcription can be done by someone dedicated to the role of registering and preserving every valuable insight expressed during a conference session as well as by recording the audio conference session and getting the same professionally transcribed.

Conference captioning or relay conference captioning services today ensures that conference communication advantage is now available even to hard-of-hearing participants to participate and engage in remote meetings, phone calls, videoconferencing, and mobile multiparty conferencing using high quality technology tools to relay real time text streamed to an internet computer used by the hard-of-hearing attendee from any remote corners of the world.

Conference Copyediting cedes applications and editorial philosophy that requires to be adhered while copyediting for a conference session subjected with scientific orientation will be to how to apply the scientific conventions to text. Conference copy editing is diverse and industry specific and therefore requires the role of a professional inclined with experience and knowledge from your chosen industry category.

Coming back to the basics of value added conference services features instant post event notifications & post conference reports to instantly update the conference account holder with the details of the recently concluded conference.

These details include vital information like call details, total number of participants, duration of the each participant, modes that they have used to enter the conference bridge ranging from toll & toll free dial in to web based dial out for a quick idea on the total cost of the conference session.

The idea behind the roll out of these technological feats to empower business with tools that facilitates the advent of changing times & changing shape of technology and the call-of-the-hour to adept and deploy these valued added conference communication services.

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