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ConferenceDairy.WordPress.Com: Rely on us for the right solution!

ConferenceDairy.WordPress.Com: Rely on us for the right solution!

ConferenceDairy.WordPress.Com: Rely on us for the right solution!

An entire communication chain of events that creates a flowchart of actions and strategies laid to practice by setting up a model that helps & ensures all expectations & product goals are met consistently. By chain of events, we refer to sales professionals and their plan of action to follow a clear-cut path for new customer acquisition through a process of fact-finding to proposing a solution through implementation in real time business practices.

The residual compensation of actions pursued by enterprise solution specialist to comprehend the stages of various business product life cycles followed by workforces and how advanced communication and unified conferencing plans establishes accountability so organizations could run their business goals & objectives with prime prudent purpose.

Technologies like real time post conference reports delivered via mobile messaging services and emails enhances client expectations with up-to-the-minute customer billing and other desirable enlisted during the customer acquisition process for any businesses availing teleconference products including audio, video & web conferencing technology.

Complete & detailed inventory of features associated with any of the mentioned products and solutions with 100% assured round the clock customer support to resolve any trouble tickets or queries pertaining to any conference communication products.

This will include assistance in relating history of orders for various clients & trouble tickets as well as other transactional activities pursued during a new customer acquisition process so that complete transparency of actions are followed to boost customer confidence in acquiring the desired communication services.

Dedicated support module integration by sales representatives with individual & consolidated customer information starting from the early days of seeking an appointment with a client to comprehending their telecom usage strategy and thereafter proposing how they can still better their existing arrangements pertaining to global unified communication solutions.

The variables of post conference reporting & notifications in simpler words are measures that will ensure that businesses are in sync with the conference services availed from any conference vendor and how better they understand the usage dynamics to quote the most feasible unified conference solution. offers an intuitive dependable conference account management vendors that allows you to schedule invite & monitor live conference calls via a browser based web account. With a customer-centric conference network solutions tailor made to suit your business requirements and product variables, ConferenceDiary.WordPress.Com leverages exceptional smart service policies that ensure uncompromising service delivery consistently.

Telepresence: The Surrogate Story

Telepresence: The Surrogate Story

Telepresence: The Surrogate Story

Life takes us with surprise everyday and in a world driven by newfound technological mergers and possibilities to shorten task, create ladders of success and checkmate the challenges in the lives of our everyday business chores. The demand and supply graph over the years is on a new inclination to merge the prospects of un-chartered territories of corporate endeavor, remote health programs and political discussions on a global stage, and more advanced fluid experience that are touching new heights every minute, every step of the way.

The demand graph is ever so demanding and the supply high-rise is constantly imitated with the advances of dynamic ad-hoc schedules making it difficult at times to meet all the demands of an important meeting, seminar or function. At the same time the compromises in not being able to attend the same is too big a quotient factor to be kept aside and thus in comes the new role, new challenges, new objectives to be checked and delivered in pristine condition.

Telepresence robot is the web surrogate of your virtual self, something that we have been relating for quite some time on many of our previous post. Your web surrogate meets the demands for you to be in different places at the same time and deliver all around with the same intensity of conviction, dedication and dynamism in meeting your goals.

Anybots Telepresence Robot

Anybots Telepresence Robot

With the demands so dynamic and prospects so promising, the only choice most end up with is the “pro-duo” inside you as the driving thrust to propel sprightly prosper down the inroads to new thinking to merge new solutions. The need to be at two or more places at the same time and handle each surrogate with the same intensity of panache, charm and “the you” that makes you “YOU”

The institution of a telepresence robot and telepresence technology to comply your presence whenever you are unable to be physically available for a scheduled conference event and these emerging dynamic trends have indeed taken the giant leap of progress under its palm for the world to be in their grasp literally!

Telepresence conference solutions are easy to deploy controlled with 100% efficiency in the ambit of Wi-Fi enabled remote controls and these are the scenarios where one can portray the role of a telepresence robot in your shoes. Delivering the same “YOU” virtually remotely to participate in discussions, presentations, corporate talk or just about any other aspects connected to your line of work in the vicinity of data connectivity via your laptop, smart phones, devices and more advanced gadgetries.

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