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Conference @ Click Speed

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Conference @ Click Speed is more an innovative concept bringing in more variants to access scheduled conference call by either using toll & toll free dial in or web based dial out trigger configured to dial automatically without any real time assistance. The service users can configure the call trigger minutes before the scheduled conference event and allow participants to join the conference.

Innovation is the name of the game and innovation has no limitation with potentials to outplay available notions to connect a conference conversation attended by remote conferees from all across the globe. Typically, we are acquainted with dial-in conference access numbers and web based dial out as the two primary aspects to initiate a conference event.

The variants of dial in further disintegrates in to Toll & Toll free dial in access numbers for both International and domestic locations. The same motion is witnessed too with web based dial out wherein conferees receives an incoming call to their mobile or landline phone and enter the conference room.

Click-to-call conference technology integration is the amalgamation of a corporate boardroom conference or any other conference event by simply clicking on a link provided by the conference leader to enter the conference via an international call back to the attendees preferred call back phone number. The entire process is very similar to the international call back service, wherein the caller and the contact are connected via call trigger made using a data connected device, be it mobile, tablet, iPad or laptop.

Typically, click-to-call configures the users call back details in the shape of a clickable link or banner incorporated on the caller’s email signature as well a website or social network profile. The caller clicks on these links facilitated by the service user to instantly be presented a dialog window to feed in the desired call back number where they wish to attend the call. Immediately, the system triggers a call to the caller answered automatically instantly and prompted with an IVR message followed by on-hold music or message to comply that the call is being connected with the service users.

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Click-to-Call Conference Widgets

Click-to-call technology works on the same concept as we experience dialing an international call using international access numbers followed by the PIN otherwise also referred as 1-click dialing!


Had I been a coder, I would have wanted an advanced backend integration to connect the call which is much tougher than a close counterpart “International Calling” Pin-Less dialing service where a simple authentication process is set during account registration to validate the authenticity of the account confirmed with the phone number being used to make an international call. Next time you want to call just speed dial the access number and dial the destination number.


It is a simple solution and with stand out head to head competition.


Click-to-Call Conference Widgets on the other hand is a little complex as compared to its counterpart. We are talking pre scheduled arrangements to automatically trigger a web based multi destination conference call dial outs with just a simple click authenticated and validated uniquely with to your preferred phone number and available at the access of a click from a smart phone device or a laptop while you are on the go.


We call this birth of a product!! Nah!!


It is just another mind over matter to perceive solutions promising the integration of lives of tomorrow with the brilliance & perseverance of web 2.0 technology and the promises it holds to offer.

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