Web 2.0 Conference Tools

Web 2.0 Conference Tools

Web 2.0 Conference Tools

The advent of web 2.0 conference tools accessible via any web browser has simplified the way we attend and host a conference event just like tweeting, mailing, chatting or updating your social network profile.

Entry / Exit notifications updating all sign in & sign off activities by both the conference host and the participants over a scheduled teleconference session with advanced options that could be configured to initiate the conference session only at the behest of the conference host. To counter such a situation, features like “Continue without Host” furthermore allow participants to start a conference call without the host or disconnect the host after a preset time. An ideal condition for operator assisted conference calls to connect and join different attendees at the behest of the conference client and disconnect from the call thereafter to maintain confidentiality and security covers.

Conference participants caller count allows the host and the participants to know if all the invited attendees have joined the meeting and if not then follow appropriate measures to update the interlopers or other attendees in general who could not join or is facing trouble in getting connected to the conference call session.

Most conference vendor today offer web 2.0 based non-downloadable version of live conference monitoring that features easy options to ON/OFF a conference session by simple buttons via a web account management console integrated with a host of other features like recording, mute/un-mute, hold/un-hold, lock/un-lock and more.

Online Meeting Tools

Online Meeting Tools

Recording features allows the meeting host to record the conference call including all three videoconferencing, web conference & audio conference portions respectively using simple Start Recording/Stop Recording buttons. Preserve the dynamics of the conference session to a much larger audience by having these recorded files uploaded on the web.

Features like On-Hold background music or short messages about the latest product updates etcetera is another convenient feature that offers the conference host to hold & un-hold a conference line during a live conference session and at the same time opens new variants of targeted advertising channels.

Lock/Unlock features allows the conference host to monitor all attendees from joining a live conference call using simple Web 2.0 tabs/widget/buttons/links as mentioned above. Muting a conference line is a feature available to conference host who can either mute a particular conference line as well as all the participant lines at one time. Conference host can furthermore hold/un-hold & mute/un-mute individual participant lines other than following the same for all the participants attending the conference call.

Caller Name allows the conference host to assign specific names to the participants by simply selecting & typing the name of the participants from the web browser customized live conference account management platform, which will remain active for the entire length of the conference session allowing all in the meeting to know all who have attended the scheduled conference call.

Interactive Q&A session features enables the conference host to interact live with the meeting attendees as well as cater to any request or clarification from any of the participants. During a live conference call with hand-raise, tools to indicate a participant’s query and click on additional advanced features like engaging the un-mute feature for all the other participants so that they may ask their questions.

Conference host could also drop an individual participant from a conference call by simply clicking on the participants name and disconnecting the participant’s conference line.

Post conference broadcast tools are a great favorite these days for one too many who could not attend a scheduled conference event and would still like to be updated on the dynamics of the conference discussion. With broadcaster tool, conference host can broadcast the recorded conference session including all three audio, video and web portion using simple drag & drop tools.

Blackberry Callback Apps: Save on International Calls

Blackberry Callback App: Save on International Calls

Blackberry Callback App: Save on International Calls

International Call Back Services collaborates in bridging remote conversations across your customers, colleagues and new prospects at rock bottom prices with a whole range of dependable variants suitable not just for your Blackberry smart phone but any other conventional mobile phone with data connectivity to trigger an instant international call.

The application is a simple easy to use international call back services trigger that guarantees a world of convenience and savings for all your international calls, more feasible well you are on the go, while you are on international roaming. The installation takes less than a second and once activated all your Blackberry contacts are configured automatically to trigger calls using the installed International callback app.

The next time you want to make an international call from your Blackberry, simply chose the desired contact from your Blackberry and trigger an international call back to your default call back number. Once the call is answered on your end, you will be instantly connected to the desired destination number and thus allowing you to save a fortune for all your international calls.

And if you are not using a Blackberry, no worries; simply visit a web URL from your mobile phone browser, sign in to your account and trigger an international call back in just seconds!

Simply add the desired contact number in the required field and trigger an instant call back to your mobile phone or any other number including land-line phones and thus save a fortune on your international calls. The value variable with callback services captivates one too many attributes for pursuance and here below we have highlighted some of the primaries international calling services from your Blackberry smart phone:

  • International Call Back Services
  • Easy to Install Blackberry Phone Application
  • Non-Blackberry Version too is available
  • Mobile Browser Based with web URL
  • Cuts down International call charges by over 75%
  • PC-to-Phone at Affordable Call Rates
  • Rock bottom prices for International Calls while roaming

Skullcandy Supreme Sound Series only @ Intersection.in

Skullcandy Supreme Sound Series only @ Intersection.inIntersection.in unleashes the wicked stuff for the revolution to gear motion for a whole new dimension of sound quality boosted by craftily created design elements.

Be it the Hesh 2.0 or the Aviator sonic mic’d series; Skullcandy Supreme Sound is here to redefine music to its very forte of originality, ingenuity & uniqueness.

Upbeat awesomeness rhymes the hymns for the parson; the cult of Skullcandy fans envisions the dawn of a whole new listening experience as the revolution enters the dimensions of a brand new future where the forte of technology unleashes the sonic possibilities of impossible endeavors. And with the spirit of these enthusiasms from the youth Skullcandy Supreme Sound, you for one must try it to believe it!

Strategize your Virtual Office 2 Strategize your Business Globally

Strategize your Virtual Office 2 Strategize your Business Globally

Strategize your Virtual Office 2 Strategize your Business Globally

State-of-the-art professional virtual receptionist services for all your incoming business calls to give your business bigger dynamic profile with intelligent features to transfer calls to staff or workforces anywhere within the US and over 36 countries in across 1000 destinations.

Get your business local toll & toll free number or use your current business number to offer personalized automated greetings to callers and direct them through a network of extensions as per the hierarchy of your business or by name and voice-mail inbox identified again by name or by department.

With integrated “Find Me Follow Me” technology, track your availability to your current business number starting from your office phone to your home or cell phone.

Configure your phone extensions configured via IPPBX solutions to track, accept or send voice mail messages from your mobile phone while you are on the go and never miss an important phone call ever again!

Customize your business phone system, develop professional outgoing greetings, program your receptionist and more using existing local toll or toll free numbers or choose a new one from across 36 countries globally and create your virtual business presence from your current physical business base.

Hosted virtual IP PBX phone system auto attendant and complete VOIP compatible network solutions for unified communication over your existing network settings with powerful web based control panel with a range of toll free number to international toll & toll free business number solutions integrated with professional virtual receptionist services.

Email Callbacks aka Email 4 Callbacks

Email Callbacks aka Email 4 Callbacks

Give your business the international edge with local business numbers in over 100+ prime international metropolitan location and forward all incoming calls to your current phone system network through intelligent VOIP PBX phone system. Integrated direct inward dialing numbers technology and attire your IP PBX phone to work just like another day at the office without any need for special equipments to purchase.

Get a free assessment & consultation from experts on custom PBX solution setup and virtual hosted PBX products including configuration and feasibility of toll free and vanity numbers for your business.

Intelligent Find Me / Follow Me Services hosted remotely with your PBX phone system integrated with advanced call forwarding services and blend in the perfect solution for clients who are constantly on the go.

With powerful automated attendant solutions integrated with voicemail features hosted with customizable branding based connotation depending on the aesthetics of different businesses to configure all incoming calls to an extension, group, call queue or cell phone and new age gadgetries like an iPad or an iPhone via voicemail inbox mailing services.

Multipoint Video Conferencing

Multipoint Video Conferencing

Multipoint Video Conferencing

Web based multiparty video conference solutions uniquely deploy high-performance projectiles of new found power mergers for your business and the goal is to identify the structure of business units, be it SMB, SME or a large enterprise. In addition, rich variants like point-to-point and Multipoint video conference solutions add more to the clause of a feasible and an unparalleled communication bridge.

Multiparty video conference bridging services between two or more video nodes at dedicated high-speed ISDN or IP networks is based on the architecture of integrated point to Multipoint services that are ideal for online learning lectures and video training broadcasts, virtual training sessions, product launches and demonstrations, online promotions and events, virtual press conferences, webcast sessions, e-learning and online distant education.

Large party conferences for businesses are ideal for interaction where participation is anticipated from each attendee to discuss everyday agendas ranging from sales reviews, staff meetings, board meetings customer – vendor training sessions and more multi point services with visual architecture at each end of the conference line.

Point-to-Point Services in reference are the ideal means of instant one-on-one interaction from attendees from every corner of the globe to conduct small conferences, interactive visual interviews for remote candidates, customer – vendor meetings, legal depositions, remote troubleshooting & more.

Point-to-Point Videoconference

Point-to-Point Videoconference

High-quality audio & video conference sessions today is the order of many SMB and large enterprises businesses with global workforce, customers, vendors, partners and are changing the very nature of communication within any conventional office spaces. Point-to-Point & Multipoint Video Conference Solutions are quintessentially simpler in the purview of remote global conversations, remote controlled collaborated presentations, and score more effectiveness & purpose as compared to a regular phone based audio conference communication channels for businesses across the globe.

Teleconferencing as some may refer or audio conference solutions and their counterparts web conferencing integrated with video conference science is the future for businesses, online education & unified communications. Deploy a virtual environment in just seconds to conduct rich interactive video-based discussions, corporate boardroom presentations, intelligent visual & data transmission for online meeting activities using features like document sharing, desktop sharing, remote presenter controls, annotation & whiteboard tools.

Multiparty Video Conference

Multiparty Video Conference

Deploy stimulating, engaging activities like online on-demand polling between the meeting attendees for various topics & subjects as the agenda of the conference session takes motion to drive purpose into profit. These intelligent Q & A sessions are very demanding in terms of execution and defining the sense of an agenda in accord with highly skilled conference operators offered by almost all conference vendors today for the sole purpose of hassle free smooth interactions

With dedicated port based services and dedicated seat based video conference solutions, large enterprise workforce resources are able to experience the spontaneity of exchanging thoughts & sharing ideas across business associates, colleagues, clients, etc together with the aid of unified conferencing platforms anytime, anywhere in an instant!

The Many Advantages of Audio Conference Solutions

An overload of communications

An overload of communications (Photo credit: windsordi)

Audio conference solutions opportune the motion of change and drive for excellence in the way businesses communicate with internal work forces, partners & affiliates and global workforces. The roll out of audio conference communication for different businesses helps create different perspectives of solutions, each meant to affix a dedicated channel of communication.

Conduct remote interviews with remote candidates and save a fortune on costs related to booking a location to conduct the interview and more such arrangements. Thus audio conference services today offers distant interviews and virtual contact opportunities with the sole objective to reduce cost and drive higher efficiency.

Get regular real time updates from customers and other who uses your products with a range of question & answer sessions conducted live during a conference event or pre-configure to start at the end of a conference call.

Audio conference events or sessions are business applications or tools used for management level discussions. Conduct regular meetings for all the latest product updates like an essential financial assessment by the board of directors that announces the financial results and reports for investor relationship management with cost controlled measures by inducting overseas consultants and analyst for an expert analysis for an organization.

Hold press release conferences for your customers, clients, peers, colleagues, investors about critical market updates and information or the launch of a new product or service. Under the purview of sales & management, the science of audio conference solutions is the bridge to get regular updates and the updated sales progress with weekly, monthly, bi-monthly intervals for product reviews and discussions.

Enable connotations of rich literary campaigns and proposition with the merger of online unified education collaboration offering distance learning programs, critical sales trainings, product briefing or an update on the latest corporate policies as well as other prime training simulations.

Conduct recurring team meetings to negate the need for any member, colleague, business partner / affiliate and others to travel from place-to-place for the roll out and discussion of project applications. Ordain the facilitation improved budget management tools to prepare financial budgets based on reports and discussion of previous conference calls & events.

These examples discussed over the following post are just the tip of the iceberg when we talk of the many advantages achieved with the roll out of conferencing sessions & events. Refer to the following posts for more insight on the various objectives met with the propagation of audio conferencing solutions.

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Telepresence: The Surrogate Story

Telepresence: The Surrogate Story

Telepresence: The Surrogate Story

Life takes us with surprise everyday and in a world driven by newfound technological mergers and possibilities to shorten task, create ladders of success and checkmate the challenges in the lives of our everyday business chores. The demand and supply graph over the years is on a new inclination to merge the prospects of un-chartered territories of corporate endeavor, remote health programs and political discussions on a global stage, and more advanced fluid experience that are touching new heights every minute, every step of the way.

The demand graph is ever so demanding and the supply high-rise is constantly imitated with the advances of dynamic ad-hoc schedules making it difficult at times to meet all the demands of an important meeting, seminar or function. At the same time the compromises in not being able to attend the same is too big a quotient factor to be kept aside and thus in comes the new role, new challenges, new objectives to be checked and delivered in pristine condition.

Telepresence robot is the web surrogate of your virtual self, something that we have been relating for quite some time on many of our previous post. Your web surrogate meets the demands for you to be in different places at the same time and deliver all around with the same intensity of conviction, dedication and dynamism in meeting your goals.

Anybots Telepresence Robot

Anybots Telepresence Robot

With the demands so dynamic and prospects so promising, the only choice most end up with is the “pro-duo” inside you as the driving thrust to propel sprightly prosper down the inroads to new thinking to merge new solutions. The need to be at two or more places at the same time and handle each surrogate with the same intensity of panache, charm and “the you” that makes you “YOU”

The institution of a telepresence robot and telepresence technology to comply your presence whenever you are unable to be physically available for a scheduled conference event and these emerging dynamic trends have indeed taken the giant leap of progress under its palm for the world to be in their grasp literally!

Telepresence conference solutions are easy to deploy controlled with 100% efficiency in the ambit of Wi-Fi enabled remote controls and these are the scenarios where one can portray the role of a telepresence robot in your shoes. Delivering the same “YOU” virtually remotely to participate in discussions, presentations, corporate talk or just about any other aspects connected to your line of work in the vicinity of data connectivity via your laptop, smart phones, devices and more advanced gadgetries.

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Why Law Firms Opt for Conference Communication Channels?

Conferencing for Legal Firms

Conferencing for Legal Firms

Conference communication channels for legal firms are delivered through advanced technology and subjective aspects of case assessments integrated with attorney/client document review by incorporating state-of-the-art technology platform under the purview of unified communication solutions.

Other primaries for the popularity of audio, video and web conferencing services are for document processing, online data hosting, attorney/client document review, document production and other services that legal firms must counsel for accurate results and predictability. Having access to these data virtually and integrating their availability for multiple remote discussions are some of the many essentials covered by addressing the right technology and support tools, where conference solutions merge multi-faceted attributes.

The widespread exercise of conferencing services by any legal entity is the ease of communication between remote clients, advocates & other associated parties for various discussions & depositions related to subject matters of extreme confidentiality.

The provisioning of a secure conversation channels that is not only efficient & cost effective for both parties including the legal team & the client are more reasons in the popularity of audio conferencing sessions that are furthermore personalized with a range of value added services like operator assistance, conference recording, web presentations across remote IP’s & much more.

Online Litigation & Deposition Filings

Online Litigation & Deposition Filings

Some of the subject matter perspectives that we have shortlisted from the many reasons for the rollout of conference communication channels by legal entities include:

  • Conducting live deposition meetings in real time with multiple remote parties
  • Offers an interactive connections to clients for legal advices
  • Enables elaborate discussion on various case studies to employ savings and travel time
  • Unified association with clients & advocates for provocative purpose driven discussions
  • Present a reputable brand image with customizable solutions within your ROI
  • Engages the clients avowal in your services under an innovative tech borne environ
  • Amplify the legal firm’s profile across the web with best practices & case studies
  • Magnetize new markets for the syndication of your professional services
  • Gain long term productive goals with case studies by recording the discussions
  • Upload non-private discussions & case studies available as downloads
  • Deploy cost effective web cast streaming for new prospects & legislation
  • Instant 1-on-1 interaction with clients & prospects to outline call-to-actions
  • Power lawyers interactive virtual tools to identify, reach and engage clients remotely
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Web Dial Out Conferencing Features

Web Dial Out Conferencing Features

Web Dial Out Conferencing Features

The most common means of attending or conducting a teleconference session is by picking up any phone, dial the conference access number and follow the IVR prompts to enter the conference room, better known as Dial-In conference access option. However, with web based dial-out option, attendees simply receive an incoming call initiated by the conference leader using the online conference manager.

Web based dial out has many advantages both for an individual or a group by ensuring that a participant does not miss a scheduled conference session by forgetting to dial in to the conference. Participants prefer the dial-out mode since the meeting attendees does not need to keep track of the dial-in number and has the flexibility to automatically enter a conference session without the need to punch any access or pass-codes. They simply receive a free incoming call (depending on your phone service provider) on their phone and answer the call to enter the conference session.

Monitoring the conference session is again a lot easier with dial out as each participant is assigned a name or label along with other features via the online conference manager. Conference leader signs in to the conference manager console and use their address book or outlook contacts or manually feed in the meeting attendees details with advanced options to trigger multiple dial outs. If your conference session includes the same group of participants on a regular basis, web-based conference dial out is again a convenient feature. The entire process to attend or invite an attendee in the conference becomes very easy & simple to understand.

Conference leader can trigger multiple blast dial-outs to all the meeting participants with just a single click. No operator or reservation is required to conduct the conference session and makes it easy to initiate a conference call on the go. The dial out feature mitigates issues like late logging in to the conference or the need to remember the dial in details and empowers the conference leader to control day-to-day conference calls on time.

Web-based dial-out further enables the conference leader to add more participants in an on-going conference session also referred as sub-conferencing and eliminates the need for any expensive hardware to make or attend the conference call. It is a great feature for participants from remote locations where they do not have any toll or toll free dial in conference access numbers to attend the conference session. Moderators or the conference leader can trigger a dial out to these participants and place them in the conference at no cost to the attendees, which is again a boon.

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