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Podcast Conferencing

Podcast Conferencing

Podcast Conferencing

Conversations on pristine subjects that are record in wave file format or any other portable file format and having them available as downloads for your podcast device is the approval in the order of learning modes in the days to come.

We already have audio conference recorded by various account users on a range of industry fields like education, corporate case studies, online training and more as well as live events, web cast, Webinar, trade shows etc. Podcast production in simpler words is the repository of these sessions in to audio file format like .wav, .mp3, .mpeg, .flv, avi etc from a website or internally over your corporate intranet network.

Have these invaluable information repositories as listings on iTunes directory or podcasts, RSS feeds and amalgamate a larger audience in the syndication of your audio conference, web conference, and video conference discussions.

With time, as the nature of your business is on the rise, the need for these downloads on your website adds up strain and congestion over your website bandwidth requirement. This is again, where you can opt for the services of professionals in the core conference business to amass a much better enhanced return on these invaluable data representing your business, your brand!

Typically, podcast recordings in the market today are products offered in a variety of transactional methods, where the process starts with the taker giving the “content” for recording to the giver who will record & store the “content”.

Service providers with a better professional approach would furthermore quantify the modes of having these files available containing transcripts of the audio conference conversations as well as visual & web conference sessions using high quality audio video recording features. Once the same is recorded, it is immediately sent for processing where these conversations will be processed with customized branding representing your business brands including product promotion options during the length of each file.

Once your audio conference conversations are processed and edited, they can be made available as web URL for distribution, promotion and networking across the web and physically to new age audio devices mobile devices or smart phone devices.

Syndicate your recorded audio conference file formats for mass distribution internally within your organization as well as externally through the network of social network marketing media and pay per click online advertisement campaigns for a revivified branding of your business brand.

Adventures of business promotion squired with an innovative message that unifies ultra cool premonitions for your business image with the amass collectibles of such delectable desirable units of literary and knowledgeable podcast productions.

Podcast Conference

Podcast Conference

In simple words, audio recordings made compatible for a range of audio devices in a easy to download that acquires lesser file size and thus increasing the download speed of the same from your website by your visitors, customers, allies, as case studies of your business products.

Syndication of these data rich purpose driven media files quantifies consonance of convenience for professionals who would today prefer an audio-recorded transcription on a subject that they would have otherwise preferred to read online as an e-book, kindle, or a book!

Editing is required for your audio conference sessions as they may include moments of noise, cross talks, background echo and other such length that needs to be negated from the audio files and at the same time add a message or two between time intervals for each of these podcast production downloads.

Ranging from recording to editing to adding music and voice-overs, your recorded podcast sessions can be the new mode of branding for your business that will represent your business representation with the association of podcast conferencing from anywhere across anyone!


Web 2.0 Conference Tools

Web 2.0 Conference Tools

Web 2.0 Conference Tools

The advent of web 2.0 conference tools accessible via any web browser has simplified the way we attend and host a conference event just like tweeting, mailing, chatting or updating your social network profile.

Entry / Exit notifications updating all sign in & sign off activities by both the conference host and the participants over a scheduled teleconference session with advanced options that could be configured to initiate the conference session only at the behest of the conference host. To counter such a situation, features like “Continue without Host” furthermore allow participants to start a conference call without the host or disconnect the host after a preset time. An ideal condition for operator assisted conference calls to connect and join different attendees at the behest of the conference client and disconnect from the call thereafter to maintain confidentiality and security covers.

Conference participants caller count allows the host and the participants to know if all the invited attendees have joined the meeting and if not then follow appropriate measures to update the interlopers or other attendees in general who could not join or is facing trouble in getting connected to the conference call session.

Most conference vendor today offer web 2.0 based non-downloadable version of live conference monitoring that features easy options to ON/OFF a conference session by simple buttons via a web account management console integrated with a host of other features like recording, mute/un-mute, hold/un-hold, lock/un-lock and more.

Online Meeting Tools

Online Meeting Tools

Recording features allows the meeting host to record the conference call including all three videoconferencing, web conference & audio conference portions respectively using simple Start Recording/Stop Recording buttons. Preserve the dynamics of the conference session to a much larger audience by having these recorded files uploaded on the web.

Features like On-Hold background music or short messages about the latest product updates etcetera is another convenient feature that offers the conference host to hold & un-hold a conference line during a live conference session and at the same time opens new variants of targeted advertising channels.

Lock/Unlock features allows the conference host to monitor all attendees from joining a live conference call using simple Web 2.0 tabs/widget/buttons/links as mentioned above. Muting a conference line is a feature available to conference host who can either mute a particular conference line as well as all the participant lines at one time. Conference host can furthermore hold/un-hold & mute/un-mute individual participant lines other than following the same for all the participants attending the conference call.

Caller Name allows the conference host to assign specific names to the participants by simply selecting & typing the name of the participants from the web browser customized live conference account management platform, which will remain active for the entire length of the conference session allowing all in the meeting to know all who have attended the scheduled conference call.

Interactive Q&A session features enables the conference host to interact live with the meeting attendees as well as cater to any request or clarification from any of the participants. During a live conference call with hand-raise, tools to indicate a participant’s query and click on additional advanced features like engaging the un-mute feature for all the other participants so that they may ask their questions.

Conference host could also drop an individual participant from a conference call by simply clicking on the participants name and disconnecting the participant’s conference line.

Post conference broadcast tools are a great favorite these days for one too many who could not attend a scheduled conference event and would still like to be updated on the dynamics of the conference discussion. With broadcaster tool, conference host can broadcast the recorded conference session including all three audio, video and web portion using simple drag & drop tools.

Blackberry Callback Apps: Save on International Calls

Blackberry Callback App: Save on International Calls

Blackberry Callback App: Save on International Calls

International Call Back Services collaborates in bridging remote conversations across your customers, colleagues and new prospects at rock bottom prices with a whole range of dependable variants suitable not just for your Blackberry smart phone but any other conventional mobile phone with data connectivity to trigger an instant international call.

The application is a simple easy to use international call back services trigger that guarantees a world of convenience and savings for all your international calls, more feasible well you are on the go, while you are on international roaming. The installation takes less than a second and once activated all your Blackberry contacts are configured automatically to trigger calls using the installed International callback app.

The next time you want to make an international call from your Blackberry, simply chose the desired contact from your Blackberry and trigger an international call back to your default call back number. Once the call is answered on your end, you will be instantly connected to the desired destination number and thus allowing you to save a fortune for all your international calls.

And if you are not using a Blackberry, no worries; simply visit a web URL from your mobile phone browser, sign in to your account and trigger an international call back in just seconds!

Simply add the desired contact number in the required field and trigger an instant call back to your mobile phone or any other number including land-line phones and thus save a fortune on your international calls. The value variable with callback services captivates one too many attributes for pursuance and here below we have highlighted some of the primaries international calling services from your Blackberry smart phone:

  • International Call Back Services
  • Easy to Install Blackberry Phone Application
  • Non-Blackberry Version too is available
  • Mobile Browser Based with web URL
  • Cuts down International call charges by over 75%
  • PC-to-Phone at Affordable Call Rates
  • Rock bottom prices for International Calls while roaming

Engaging Conference Activities with Web 2.0

Playback the audio conference session recorded in real time during the conference event so that the same is available to be broadcasted via the company website, mailers, download, newsletters, press releases and more.

Exhibit powerful question & answers based tool that is extremely helpful in gratifying the most accurate information to the participants attending a scheduled conference call and integrate conference transcription services to save and archive the entire dynamics of the conference.

Conference transcription services in simple words converts the entire conversations in to literary conduits provided in a conventional word format and have them available as downloads from the company web repository.

Add the consonance of real time voting or polling option to discuss important mandate with the participants. Create a stimulating responsive user engaging application. Broadcast web cast sessions of the recorded audio, video & web conferences and foreplay the same on the company website.

Web 2.0 Channels for Conference Communications

State-of-the-art audio, video and web conference technology is the momentum of communication and the not so distant future remains to be the testament on the doctrinaire in the playground of new advanced technology tools amalgamated for the emulations of remote possibilities in the merger of reason, rhyme & rhythm!

Other than the conventional services like audio conference solution offered via a channel of toll & toll freebased conference access numbers, web based dial out, SMS conferencing and more. Likewise is the purview of web & video conference solutions that not only preserves the conversation but the same time make the same available to a wider audience dispersed as value added services in addition of the regular conference solutions.

Recorded audio, video and web conference sessions are converted into medial files with assured delivery in multiple global destinations and burned into a CD or a DVD.

Prepare customized participants list for regular conference attendees along with the details of the conference leader name, location, conference start time & end time and lastly the account credentials like the conference participant and conference leader PIN or pass-codes required to establish a connection.

Skilled professional conference operators ensure that the ongoing conference session for any business or entity programs smoothly ordained to conducting pre conference testing like a dry run to test the audio quality, the system arrangements for the web conference session projected using a projector in real time and interactive visual communication to aid more panache, flair and style.

Email Callbacks aka Email 4 Callbacks

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Enable users to communicate better beyond the traditional means of communication like your Outlook | Eudora | Thunderbird email client with signature based email callback service that triggers phone to phone calls and collaborate remotely yet dynamically using smart phone & touch pad devices with single click solutions in the ambit of 3G technology evolving as we read to 4G dynamics.

Email callback also referred more commercially as click-to-call technology is a simple phone to phone call trigger process using SIP data connectivity to initiate two legged call scenario one to your default configured phone number and other to the desired destination number. Email recipients are already getting your VCard or your signature with the phone number, email, company address, twitter id, social network profiles & more. Give them now the advantage to get in touch with you now from your email signatures with just a simple “Call me” link or image!

Email callback aka email 4 callbacks simply offers your email readers with a link that they can click, feed their phone number and receive an instant call back from you if you are available or forward to the voicemail inbox after being auto greeted and placed on hold by the IVR with background music or information about the business dynamics like products & updates.

Experts have already quoted the future as a real time communication channel between real time website visitors and the backend sales team configured by the website owners using intelligent technology like call-to-action links & buttons that real time visitors clicks on a website, provide their phone numbers and receive an instant call back from the web site owner.

Click-to-Call based email callback signatures | Website Buttons for Callback | Social Network Profile Badges | that can be embedded to web based email service like, Yahoo.Com or and many more hot email service providers as well as social network profiles & blogs via account settings process and uploading the basic “copy-paste” script to start offering instant talk back features with your email readers, profile visitors, website visitors, blog readers & more.

Email callbacks gives an unique innovative branding perspectives by serving your newsfeeds, website content materials, email messages, twitter updates, blogs posts & social network profile pages to interact live and connect you to your web seekers in real time via phone to phone callback services using data network to make the entire deal downright competitive & practically deployable.

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Cyber Graduation Degree

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ConferenceDiary.WordPress.Com in hands with Blogs4Bytes aims to draw forth various environs of both education and professional juggle that comes in the predicament for the pursuit of online learning modules using state-of-the-art unified conference solutions that will integrate purpose and profitability.

Randomly, we start with Ashford University, an 80 year old institution ushering the convenience of cyber education solutions under the ambit of unified communication integrating web conferencing technology & the advent of web 2.0 technologies to enable working adults to pursue Masters Degree in Business Administration | Masters of Art Degree in Teaching & Learning.

Aspen University awarded the first online cyber graduation degree in 1987 and one of the primary advantages with this pristine educational institute where the tides of the future, the demand of the present and overcoming the judgments of the yesteryear are all met to the finest finesse scripted for glory.

The faculty and staff are instrumental in laying the core fundamentals to various online learning programs. With 20 years of experience in the field of online distance learning courses and other prime online educational programs lays the foundation and maintain excellent distance learning programs that could be custom made to be able to pursue the programs within the ambit of their busy schedule.

Law schools are again another prime forte of literary linguistics that can be customized into various short term fundamental courses, online deposition simulation, web literature conduit and other training methodologies familiar to the legal education profile.

Enrollees are served with definitive career roadmap pertaining to practicing law and seek for an opportunity to be in the Juris Doctor Program. Candidates who wishes to be a part of the legal system as a career move but do not desire to pursue in practicing law can therefore consider enrolling for the Executive JD Program. This precedes only after concord evaluation of all participants qualifications prior to their admittance.

If we are talking about cyber technology then we must also see the aspects of cyber security based educational programs where one learns how to deploy a safe browsing experience over the internet for worldwide users with carefully structured training programs in security planning, establishing cyber law norms and networking security.

An online Master’s Degree in Cyber Security from an accredited institution prepare the legionaries in information technology for cyber security and ensuring that more job options with leadership positions are available to them as compared to an online bachelor’s degree in cyber security programs.

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Online Learning Modules

Web 2.0 tools

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An effective online learning module combines summaries, tips and various test simulations to incorporate trainers and meet the challenges of creating, conducting and publishing a successful online learning sessions enlightening the entire online learning experience to a prime forte of satisfaction.

The role of an online instructor or a web moderator or a professional trainer is directly responsible in directing learning aptitude amongst all online learners by allowing them to participate, communicate and collaborate online including remotely. Reminding online presenters and online facilitators on a variety of subjects to adept the learners real life simulations to acclimatize maximum flexibility and the ability to work in stressful situations, a key must have attribute for all online presentations and others associated with the act of conducting a successful online learning event consistently.

Rapid e-learning tools designed to conduct effective quizzes based on the learning material to furthermore lay the foundation of an elaborate learning process with enough information and outgoing web 2.0 links to inspire a belief with the learners that ultimately results in allowing them to locate additional resources as and when they need them!

An online learning course material allows online instructors to create an effective performance based learning module in the context of various e-learning authoring tools deployed by big corporations and enterprises to guide newbie trainees in the company get acclimatize with the dynamics, mission statements and the quality of deliverance for the said company using an internal learning module.

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Conference @ Click Speed

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Conference @ Click Speed is more an innovative concept bringing in more variants to access scheduled conference call by either using toll & toll free dial in or web based dial out trigger configured to dial automatically without any real time assistance. The service users can configure the call trigger minutes before the scheduled conference event and allow participants to join the conference.

Innovation is the name of the game and innovation has no limitation with potentials to outplay available notions to connect a conference conversation attended by remote conferees from all across the globe. Typically, we are acquainted with dial-in conference access numbers and web based dial out as the two primary aspects to initiate a conference event.

The variants of dial in further disintegrates in to Toll & Toll free dial in access numbers for both International and domestic locations. The same motion is witnessed too with web based dial out wherein conferees receives an incoming call to their mobile or landline phone and enter the conference room.

Click-to-call conference technology integration is the amalgamation of a corporate boardroom conference or any other conference event by simply clicking on a link provided by the conference leader to enter the conference via an international call back to the attendees preferred call back phone number. The entire process is very similar to the international call back service, wherein the caller and the contact are connected via call trigger made using a data connected device, be it mobile, tablet, iPad or laptop.

Typically, click-to-call configures the users call back details in the shape of a clickable link or banner incorporated on the caller’s email signature as well a website or social network profile. The caller clicks on these links facilitated by the service user to instantly be presented a dialog window to feed in the desired call back number where they wish to attend the call. Immediately, the system triggers a call to the caller answered automatically instantly and prompted with an IVR message followed by on-hold music or message to comply that the call is being connected with the service users.

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Freelance Conference Operators

Professionally skilled attributes attired by conference coordinators or conference operators offered by your conference vendor are very critical for coordination and smooth management during a conference call. Roll calling the attendees as they join in the scheduled conference session from different location using different modes to enter the conference bridge is just one of the many aspects of operator based conference sessions.

Operator based conference sessions for business clients across longitudes & latitudes of remote connection possibilities for the persuasion in the pursuit of conference communication. Professional conference operator mentored for the role of a high-end customer support experience critical from the perspective of pre-event support services and more similar simulations & environs making freelance conference operations another advent of online opportunities to get employed and mint money!

Conference operators can view requests for clarification from the online meeting participant with the assistance of various web & desktop client tools like “Hand Raising” and more. Managed conference events are the shape of things to come with the roll out of outsourcing conference solutions by businesses and hiring freelance conference operators to run & manage live conference sessions at the behest of the conference leader or the key account holder.

Record the live audio – video stream as well as the desktop presentation session from the presenter or the conference leader’s remote system. These recordings will not only preserve the details of the agenda for a much larger audience but very critical for most who were unable to attend the previous meeting session and thus not miss anything ever at all!

Freelance Conference Operators aids in sending the details to attend a scheduled conference session by sending email messages to all the attendees well in advance at the behest of the outsourcer. These details could range from the date & time to attend a conference session to facilitating all the Toll & Toll free dial in access numbers depending on the location of the conference attendees to configuring web based dial out to remote attendees who do not have the option to dial in to the conference and therefore needs to be placed into the conference by simply answering an incoming phone call triggered by the conference operator.

Conduct live question & answer sessions during the live conference session with the assistance of professional freelance conference operators who are instructed beforehand with all the details of the conference objectives. Live conference Q & A sessions furthermore allows the attendees to clear any doubts on a subject discussed during the ongoing session and bridge a user engaging application to get more out of your conferences.

Freelance conference operator services is not rocket science and with little dedication and application any one of us can understand the pre-requisites of the job responsibilities and enable another avenue of making money from the internet. The role of internet is as such today that gone are the days when we used to pay money to use the Internet. Today the internet pays you for using the same in our everyday lives!

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