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ConferenceDairy.WordPress.Com: Rely on us for the right solution!

ConferenceDairy.WordPress.Com: Rely on us for the right solution!

ConferenceDairy.WordPress.Com: Rely on us for the right solution!

An entire communication chain of events that creates a flowchart of actions and strategies laid to practice by setting up a model that helps & ensures all expectations & product goals are met consistently. By chain of events, we refer to sales professionals and their plan of action to follow a clear-cut path for new customer acquisition through a process of fact-finding to proposing a solution through implementation in real time business practices.

The residual compensation of actions pursued by enterprise solution specialist to comprehend the stages of various business product life cycles followed by workforces and how advanced communication and unified conferencing plans establishes accountability so organizations could run their business goals & objectives with prime prudent purpose.

Technologies like real time post conference reports delivered via mobile messaging services and emails enhances client expectations with up-to-the-minute customer billing and other desirable enlisted during the customer acquisition process for any businesses availing teleconference products including audio, video & web conferencing technology.

Complete & detailed inventory of features associated with any of the mentioned products and solutions with 100% assured round the clock customer support to resolve any trouble tickets or queries pertaining to any conference communication products.

This will include assistance in relating history of orders for various clients & trouble tickets as well as other transactional activities pursued during a new customer acquisition process so that complete transparency of actions are followed to boost customer confidence in acquiring the desired communication services.

Dedicated support module integration by sales representatives with individual & consolidated customer information starting from the early days of seeking an appointment with a client to comprehending their telecom usage strategy and thereafter proposing how they can still better their existing arrangements pertaining to global unified communication solutions.

The variables of post conference reporting & notifications in simpler words are measures that will ensure that businesses are in sync with the conference services availed from any conference vendor and how better they understand the usage dynamics to quote the most feasible unified conference solution. offers an intuitive dependable conference account management vendors that allows you to schedule invite & monitor live conference calls via a browser based web account. With a customer-centric conference network solutions tailor made to suit your business requirements and product variables, ConferenceDiary.WordPress.Com leverages exceptional smart service policies that ensure uncompromising service delivery consistently.

Telepresence: The Surrogate Story

Telepresence: The Surrogate Story

Telepresence: The Surrogate Story

Life takes us with surprise everyday and in a world driven by newfound technological mergers and possibilities to shorten task, create ladders of success and checkmate the challenges in the lives of our everyday business chores. The demand and supply graph over the years is on a new inclination to merge the prospects of un-chartered territories of corporate endeavor, remote health programs and political discussions on a global stage, and more advanced fluid experience that are touching new heights every minute, every step of the way.

The demand graph is ever so demanding and the supply high-rise is constantly imitated with the advances of dynamic ad-hoc schedules making it difficult at times to meet all the demands of an important meeting, seminar or function. At the same time the compromises in not being able to attend the same is too big a quotient factor to be kept aside and thus in comes the new role, new challenges, new objectives to be checked and delivered in pristine condition.

Telepresence robot is the web surrogate of your virtual self, something that we have been relating for quite some time on many of our previous post. Your web surrogate meets the demands for you to be in different places at the same time and deliver all around with the same intensity of conviction, dedication and dynamism in meeting your goals.

Anybots Telepresence Robot

Anybots Telepresence Robot

With the demands so dynamic and prospects so promising, the only choice most end up with is the “pro-duo” inside you as the driving thrust to propel sprightly prosper down the inroads to new thinking to merge new solutions. The need to be at two or more places at the same time and handle each surrogate with the same intensity of panache, charm and “the you” that makes you “YOU”

The institution of a telepresence robot and telepresence technology to comply your presence whenever you are unable to be physically available for a scheduled conference event and these emerging dynamic trends have indeed taken the giant leap of progress under its palm for the world to be in their grasp literally!

Telepresence conference solutions are easy to deploy controlled with 100% efficiency in the ambit of Wi-Fi enabled remote controls and these are the scenarios where one can portray the role of a telepresence robot in your shoes. Delivering the same “YOU” virtually remotely to participate in discussions, presentations, corporate talk or just about any other aspects connected to your line of work in the vicinity of data connectivity via your laptop, smart phones, devices and more advanced gadgetries.

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Why Law Firms Opt for Conference Communication Channels?

Conferencing for Legal Firms

Conferencing for Legal Firms

Conference communication channels for legal firms are delivered through advanced technology and subjective aspects of case assessments integrated with attorney/client document review by incorporating state-of-the-art technology platform under the purview of unified communication solutions.

Other primaries for the popularity of audio, video and web conferencing services are for document processing, online data hosting, attorney/client document review, document production and other services that legal firms must counsel for accurate results and predictability. Having access to these data virtually and integrating their availability for multiple remote discussions are some of the many essentials covered by addressing the right technology and support tools, where conference solutions merge multi-faceted attributes.

The widespread exercise of conferencing services by any legal entity is the ease of communication between remote clients, advocates & other associated parties for various discussions & depositions related to subject matters of extreme confidentiality.

The provisioning of a secure conversation channels that is not only efficient & cost effective for both parties including the legal team & the client are more reasons in the popularity of audio conferencing sessions that are furthermore personalized with a range of value added services like operator assistance, conference recording, web presentations across remote IP’s & much more.

Online Litigation & Deposition Filings

Online Litigation & Deposition Filings

Some of the subject matter perspectives that we have shortlisted from the many reasons for the rollout of conference communication channels by legal entities include:

  • Conducting live deposition meetings in real time with multiple remote parties
  • Offers an interactive connections to clients for legal advices
  • Enables elaborate discussion on various case studies to employ savings and travel time
  • Unified association with clients & advocates for provocative purpose driven discussions
  • Present a reputable brand image with customizable solutions within your ROI
  • Engages the clients avowal in your services under an innovative tech borne environ
  • Amplify the legal firm’s profile across the web with best practices & case studies
  • Magnetize new markets for the syndication of your professional services
  • Gain long term productive goals with case studies by recording the discussions
  • Upload non-private discussions & case studies available as downloads
  • Deploy cost effective web cast streaming for new prospects & legislation
  • Instant 1-on-1 interaction with clients & prospects to outline call-to-actions
  • Power lawyers interactive virtual tools to identify, reach and engage clients remotely
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Enterprise Communication: UC

instant messaging sites

Sophisticated web based collaboration tools are more of a trend in today’s dynamic world of globalization and hardcore technologists with a never-ending desire for more seamless interactive communications between remote virtual teams & global alliances.

Web based tools like file sharing, desktop sharing, application sharing, real time co-browsing, video conferencing enabled with audio integration via conventional telepresence technology, Enterprise Instant Messaging (EIM), browser based non-downloadable easy to comprehend applications & more such advanced tools for the common goal of unifying all your global resources from one unified communication platform.

These power laded innovation have enabled organizations across the globe to connect, share & exchange ideas and shape better end results using conferencing technology as the core communication medium for a group based discussion virtually with other teams, stakeholders, share holders & interested peers to successfully achieve the core mandates & objectives for every corporate.

The access of information and communication is much more enhanced using innovative tools that can resolve issues much more efficiently and quickly in real time.

Jingle Protocol Logo Proposal

Image via Wikipedia

It is imperative for an organization to arbitrate their technological requirements first before opting for the most appropriate collaborated tools that fits their business model and therefore hosted collaborate software like a synchronous audio conferencing session is the ideal choice as it does not demand high capital investments on software, hardware or maintenance.

The most conventional and widely used collaborated tools today are primarily web conferencing integrated with audio & video teleconferencing technology for a live interactive experience along with online sharing ranging from application sharing to desktop sharing.

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Online Office Attendants 4 Anywhere Offices


Image by genericitis via Flickr

Consolidated extensive savings with IP telephony based voicemail services are already in practice virally and virtual switchboard solutions make the process of an online office attendant riveting & fitting to its finest core.

Online office attendants for anywhere office solutions are very much in practice today enabling brighter futuristic preview of tomorrow’s communication channels that works, serves and prevails virtually!

IP Telephony based solutions are already dramatically lowering maintenance & service costs for remote offices and branches of businesses of all sizes in tandem with cloud computing integration to enable more channels for anywhere office possibilities.

Power your end users to quickly adopt and deploy productive communication & collaborative sessions by featuring unified sign in services for a variety of tools using familiar interface and communicate on the PC, web as well as smart devices.

Smart Phone Callback service is taking the entire IP telephone and virtual office experience to a complete new dimension by magnifying your smart phone experience more eventful with applications to manage offices while you are on the go using the carrier’s data network to outplay efficiency.

If Virtual Switchboards | IP Telephony | IP PBX communication channels powers online office attendants & live real time monitoring then International Business Numbers | Unified Numbering | Advanced Call Forwarding | Direct Inward Dialing are the answers for anywhere offices!

Virtual switchboard solutions today manages your entire business network of communication to its very best by featuring a range of tools & assets aimed to make anywhere office solutions integrated virtual receptionists or attendants deploying advanced features like find me follow me, call re-routing & forwarding, voicemail inboxes, email notifications for missed calls, and loads of other prime features

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Mobile Conference Solutions

Fring Overview

Mobile anywhere office is the next generation perspective for jet lagged protégés and the increasing demand for smart phone application to monitor & manage live conferences from your mobile device is already answered with widgets and apps to manage the role of your surrogate conference leader.

In an age of virtuosity where everything related to your work life can be conducted using an array of state-of-the-art conference communication technology without you physically being available for the same. Conference on the go also revered as a mobile conference solution integrates a world of convenience today and therefore the need to plan and scheduled your conference is more than a prerequisite for the success of the event.

Planning an event or a web presentation or a conference event with remote mergers and possibilities of literary acquisition other than the strategy for business dynamics and profit ratio and more quotients of everyday chores replaced with the unified answer of mobile conference solutions.

Today’s corporate attire is mostly smart phones from droid machines to the upcoming iPhone5 – the advent of smart phone users and mobile communicators relating office on the go prudent possibilities of conference participation to moderation from any mobile phone either by sending SMS to trigger pre-scheduled dial out calls to smart phone app that uses the carrier’s data network to deliver mobile VOIP conference solutions.

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IP PBX Network 4 Conference Events

Lots of media press participated Computex Taip...

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IP PBX Network for conference communication is the process of installing an in-house conference bridge connected to the existing PBX network infrastructure for an organization, deployed to trigger more return on investments by directly terminating telecom lines, be it PSTN or VOIP network with automated custom greetings, and a host of other features.

In-house conference solutions could be divided into two prime categories for easier comprehension; by procuring proprietary multi-party conference solutions from the current IP PBX provider and configuring in to the existing network infrastructure as the first primary. Else, businesses may opt to rent dedicated collocated external server and configuring the same in accord to their current network settings.

Connecting a conference call session using IP PBX solutions is an integrated IP telephony solution that handles both analog calls sent over the public switched telephone network (PSTN) as well as IP calls transmitted over data network and the internet via a variety of conference phones and related products & devices.

IP PBX conference solutions not only gives you significant savings on your overall communication package but also leverages additional interactive video calling solutions too, making your corporate communications more interesting, engaging & intimate.

IP PBX Conference solutions are the ultimate tool for large audio video conferences where hundreds and thousands of participants attend the scheduled conference events from remote locations across the globe by allowing multiple dial-in calls to be bridged rather than dialing out each & every participant from your PBX network.

IP Telephony based conference calls allow administrators to create dedicated conference rooms varying for different departments in an organization and generate session based PIN or pass codes for the participants to authenticate while dialing in to a conference event. Once your event is concluded, these session based PIN or pass codes immediately expires and thus ensuring absolute security arrangements for your conference events.

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Unified Conferencing

Cisco Teleconference

Unified Conferencing Solutions guarantees maximum audio bridge ports to conduct large conferences attended by hundreds of dial in conference participants. Equipped with state-of-the-art hardware and software network architecture supported 24/7 by professionally skilled support staff adds an even better credibility factor for superior enterprise telecom solutions.

Unified conferencing technically integrates all three audio, video & web conference solutions from a single web based dashboard built default for public viewing, if desired and rank higher on visibility across web search results.

Doing so, that is with unified conferencing; you also go big on savings from your entire broadcast!

Unified Conference Plans guarantees you flat savings on your current conference expenses with world class toll & toll free dial in access numbers options both in tandem with VOIP and TDM technology in the ambit of uncompromising call clarity and boosted with a range of features and other important prerequisites that ensilages complete conference security and confidentiality.

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iPhone4 4Conference

Conference Call on iPhone

Image by ahhyeah via Flickr

Smart Phone Conferencing is a rich experience of superior technology rhyming with intelligent mobile computing to give users the convenience to talk in a group conversation with remote users on the other end.

To start with, make a normal call by selecting a contact from your iPhone4 address book or by manually dialing the desired contact destination number.

While you are on the first call, tap “Add Call” to put the first call on hold and trigger the second call again by either selecting the contact from your contact book or by manually dialing the destination number of the second contact that you wish to place inside the conference call.

Follow the same tap “Add Call” process to place the 3rd, 4th & 5th participants on the ongoing teleconference call.

To remove a particular participant from the conference call, simply tap on the “Hang Up” icon found next to each of the callers that you wish to drop followed by tapping “End Call.”

In case you wish to speak with one of the conference participants privately, while presiding over the ongoing conference call, simply click on the “conference” tab followed by “private” tab next to the caller with who you wish to make a private conversation.

In case, you wish to answer an incoming call while presiding over the ongoing conference call, simply tap “hold call + answer” and thereafter click on “Merge Call” button to add the next caller in to the ongoing conference call session.

iPhone4 and the forthcoming iPhone5 gives buyers the ease of remote group talk using the carriers service as an in-built smart phone feature or you can also do by using the carrier’s data network and download an app that gives you group talk or mobile conference calling using affordable data network.

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Multiparty Mobile Conferencing

Multiparty conference calling is a scenario where multiple conference participants or online meeting attendees in tandem play the role of a conference presenter from different remote locations shaping the league of mobile unified communication tools.

With the use of improvised Universal Mobile Telecommunication System (UMTS) that offers considerably more bandwidth as compared to Global System for Mobile Communication (GSM), required especially for video conferencing, multiparty conferencing today are touching new novel heights and are fast becoming an important issue not only for internet applications but also for mobile network application.

Mobile multiparty conferencing is fast becoming a unique trend of feature offered by many global mobile service providers to subscribers enabling up to set up local as well as long distance multiparty conferencing to as many as 6 – 10 phone lines, allowing business subscribers to participate in online meetings even if all the participants are not together in one physical location!

Multiparty conferencing today has made a giant leap of innovation with the roll out of high definition multi party video conferencing to as many as 100 participants with added advantages like unlimited toll based audio conferencing allowing unlimited storage space to collaborate and discuss reports and presentations during a live multi party conference calls.

All the participants presiding over a live multiparty conference call could experience the same features as they have been using including remote screen sharing and remote desktop control via a league of new age smart phone devices like an iPad or any touch screen phone or device from any remote location or while on the go for jet lagged protégés.

Multiparty conferencing can furthermore be recorded for all the phone lines connected to the conference bridge during a scheduled conference session so that one can get to hear all the details discussed by any of the participants and giving an unprecedented total value from the entire exercise.

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