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Podcast Conferencing

Podcast Conferencing

Podcast Conferencing

Conversations on pristine subjects that are record in wave file format or any other portable file format and having them available as downloads for your podcast device is the approval in the order of learning modes in the days to come.

We already have audio conference recorded by various account users on a range of industry fields like education, corporate case studies, online training and more as well as live events, web cast, Webinar, trade shows etc. Podcast production in simpler words is the repository of these sessions in to audio file format like .wav, .mp3, .mpeg, .flv, avi etc from a website or internally over your corporate intranet network.

Have these invaluable information repositories as listings on iTunes directory or podcasts, RSS feeds and amalgamate a larger audience in the syndication of your audio conference, web conference, and video conference discussions.

With time, as the nature of your business is on the rise, the need for these downloads on your website adds up strain and congestion over your website bandwidth requirement. This is again, where you can opt for the services of professionals in the core conference business to amass a much better enhanced return on these invaluable data representing your business, your brand!

Typically, podcast recordings in the market today are products offered in a variety of transactional methods, where the process starts with the taker giving the “content” for recording to the giver who will record & store the “content”.

Service providers with a better professional approach would furthermore quantify the modes of having these files available containing transcripts of the audio conference conversations as well as visual & web conference sessions using high quality audio video recording features. Once the same is recorded, it is immediately sent for processing where these conversations will be processed with customized branding representing your business brands including product promotion options during the length of each file.

Once your audio conference conversations are processed and edited, they can be made available as web URL for distribution, promotion and networking across the web and physically to new age audio devices mobile devices or smart phone devices.

Syndicate your recorded audio conference file formats for mass distribution internally within your organization as well as externally through the network of social network marketing media and pay per click online advertisement campaigns for a revivified branding of your business brand.

Adventures of business promotion squired with an innovative message that unifies ultra cool premonitions for your business image with the amass collectibles of such delectable desirable units of literary and knowledgeable podcast productions.

Podcast Conference

Podcast Conference

In simple words, audio recordings made compatible for a range of audio devices in a easy to download that acquires lesser file size and thus increasing the download speed of the same from your website by your visitors, customers, allies, as case studies of your business products.

Syndication of these data rich purpose driven media files quantifies consonance of convenience for professionals who would today prefer an audio-recorded transcription on a subject that they would have otherwise preferred to read online as an e-book, kindle, or a book!

Editing is required for your audio conference sessions as they may include moments of noise, cross talks, background echo and other such length that needs to be negated from the audio files and at the same time add a message or two between time intervals for each of these podcast production downloads.

Ranging from recording to editing to adding music and voice-overs, your recorded podcast sessions can be the new mode of branding for your business that will represent your business representation with the association of podcast conferencing from anywhere across anyone!


Blackboard Environment Learning: The Way Forward!

Blackboard Environment Learning: The Way Forward!

Blackboard Environment Learning: The Way Forward!

Blackboard environment is the provisioning of study & learning materials in a virtual repository for online remote education or classroom management perspectives put into practice for the effective utilization of these invaluable resources across the web. The practical perspectives as to how a newbie in the online education field can about comprehend the registration, usage and activities pursued with the integration of blackboard environment technology is the agenda of this post.

Start with an extensive research over the Internet for the course or learning material that you are looking for using search engines and appropriate keywords that relates the subject that you want to pursue. By referring keywords, we mean the terms associated with the details of the course that you are looking for ranging from effective online training “like (online learning, online trainer)” to other conventional subjects like “computing education”, “internet advertisements”, “pay per click campaign”, “programming lessons”, “litigation case files”, “corporate case studies” & etc.

Once you have finalized the chosen subject, register for the said subject from an online instructor or the professional educational institutes that offers online learning modules also referred as Blackboard environment learning. Register for the course by complying with the formalities required to facilitate your enrollment in their database to allow you to avail access to their online repository.

Blackboard Technology Sessions

Blackboard Technology Sessions

Based on forum-to-forum, your blackboard environment learning facilitator manages your application with various levels of authorization and approval before giving you access to their online information vault. The distribution of the learning materials or the structuring of the course material along with other features like assignments or related Q&A based quiz materials facilitated for the online course.

Depending on the subject of your online learning interest, collate more related information on the given subject by digging the web yourself or requesting assistance from your facilitator. They can refer you to concise platforms where the exact information based on your needs is available for your comprehension.

Most of these materials vary from eBooks; download-able files for podcast learning, etc are available with both free & paid options. However It is advisable here forth to not go for paid options of any online learning materials or repositories in relation to your blackboard environment subject before consulting an expert from an online education facilitator or related online forums.

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VOIP Conference Dial-Out Calling via Short Message Service

VOIP Conference Dial-Out Calling via Short Message Service

VOIP Conference Dial-Out Calling via Short Message Service

Cellular phone users across the globe are an intense proposition for any country and the intensity of mobile service provider competition needs no briefing. The demand is to not only attract the best in service & coverage but the amalgamation of new value added products constantly and maintain the standards of their network.

The rise in the adversary of unified communication technology especially the attire of audio conferencing is on an all time high. The demand of audio conferencing communication via mobile phone has its own limitation with the maximum of three-way conversation by one user. Of course, others in the conversation can again bring in two more participants on the ongoing mobile conference conversation.

Conferencing using a standard mobile phone using regular calling plan is indeed limited when it comes to the notion of comparing the same from the perspective of making a multi party conference call using the same device and yet yield manifold.

Instant SMS based audio conferencing services revivifies the consonance of the human endeavor in achieving the unperceivable logics of technological ruse on a role to merge limitless possibilities of corporate communication across the globe.

Technically, the service is as simple as sending a SMS to the USN platform of any mobile service provider to decipher the backend code that relays the details of the parties to be joiner into a conference call. Once the backend message is relayed and decoded, the USN platform furthermore initiates the outgoing calling to bring in all the scheduled participants intended to attend the scheduled multi party audio conference conversation.

One of the core possibilities merged by the advanced USN platform is the ability to interface and connect forthwith both TDM and VOIP network with mobile SMS services to initiate a remote mobile SMS triggered conference event. Intelligent, convenient and instant mobile SMS based conference solutions in the legacy of either TDM based MSC (Mobile Switching Center) as well as Soft Switch based MSC that is ideally to support VOIP trunks.

Jet lagged protégés are always short on time as their profile is as such that keeps them rolling one after another and for such a scenario which is again so practically endurable. With monotonous activities like sending an invitation to attend a scheduled conference call along with the details of the conference bridge and the credentials to join the conference at the scheduled hour.

With the introduction of advanced and convenient SMS based conference trigger under the network of USN platform that supports SMPP3.4 (Short Message Peer-to-Peer) protocol that plainly plays the role interfacing the audio conference event with external SMSC (Short Messaging Service Center).

This unique feature under the USN platform to support both Mobile Originating (MO) and Mobile Terminations (MT) traffic in real time to allow SMS powered audio conference users to simply send a SMS text message to the USN platform and allow the backend configuration thereafter to concierge users and attendees to be welcomed into the scheduled conference event.

Blackberry Callback Apps: Save on International Calls

Blackberry Callback App: Save on International Calls

Blackberry Callback App: Save on International Calls

International Call Back Services collaborates in bridging remote conversations across your customers, colleagues and new prospects at rock bottom prices with a whole range of dependable variants suitable not just for your Blackberry smart phone but any other conventional mobile phone with data connectivity to trigger an instant international call.

The application is a simple easy to use international call back services trigger that guarantees a world of convenience and savings for all your international calls, more feasible well you are on the go, while you are on international roaming. The installation takes less than a second and once activated all your Blackberry contacts are configured automatically to trigger calls using the installed International callback app.

The next time you want to make an international call from your Blackberry, simply chose the desired contact from your Blackberry and trigger an international call back to your default call back number. Once the call is answered on your end, you will be instantly connected to the desired destination number and thus allowing you to save a fortune for all your international calls.

And if you are not using a Blackberry, no worries; simply visit a web URL from your mobile phone browser, sign in to your account and trigger an international call back in just seconds!

Simply add the desired contact number in the required field and trigger an instant call back to your mobile phone or any other number including land-line phones and thus save a fortune on your international calls. The value variable with callback services captivates one too many attributes for pursuance and here below we have highlighted some of the primaries international calling services from your Blackberry smart phone:

  • International Call Back Services
  • Easy to Install Blackberry Phone Application
  • Non-Blackberry Version too is available
  • Mobile Browser Based with web URL
  • Cuts down International call charges by over 75%
  • PC-to-Phone at Affordable Call Rates
  • Rock bottom prices for International Calls while roaming

Skullcandy Supreme Sound Series only @

Skullcandy Supreme Sound Series only @ unleashes the wicked stuff for the revolution to gear motion for a whole new dimension of sound quality boosted by craftily created design elements.

Be it the Hesh 2.0 or the Aviator sonic mic’d series; Skullcandy Supreme Sound is here to redefine music to its very forte of originality, ingenuity & uniqueness.

Upbeat awesomeness rhymes the hymns for the parson; the cult of Skullcandy fans envisions the dawn of a whole new listening experience as the revolution enters the dimensions of a brand new future where the forte of technology unleashes the sonic possibilities of impossible endeavors. And with the spirit of these enthusiasms from the youth Skullcandy Supreme Sound, you for one must try it to believe it!

Strategize your Virtual Office 2 Strategize your Business Globally

Strategize your Virtual Office 2 Strategize your Business Globally

Strategize your Virtual Office 2 Strategize your Business Globally

State-of-the-art professional virtual receptionist services for all your incoming business calls to give your business bigger dynamic profile with intelligent features to transfer calls to staff or workforces anywhere within the US and over 36 countries in across 1000 destinations.

Get your business local toll & toll free number or use your current business number to offer personalized automated greetings to callers and direct them through a network of extensions as per the hierarchy of your business or by name and voice-mail inbox identified again by name or by department.

With integrated “Find Me Follow Me” technology, track your availability to your current business number starting from your office phone to your home or cell phone.

Configure your phone extensions configured via IPPBX solutions to track, accept or send voice mail messages from your mobile phone while you are on the go and never miss an important phone call ever again!

Customize your business phone system, develop professional outgoing greetings, program your receptionist and more using existing local toll or toll free numbers or choose a new one from across 36 countries globally and create your virtual business presence from your current physical business base.

Hosted virtual IP PBX phone system auto attendant and complete VOIP compatible network solutions for unified communication over your existing network settings with powerful web based control panel with a range of toll free number to international toll & toll free business number solutions integrated with professional virtual receptionist services.

Email Callbacks aka Email 4 Callbacks

Email Callbacks aka Email 4 Callbacks

Give your business the international edge with local business numbers in over 100+ prime international metropolitan location and forward all incoming calls to your current phone system network through intelligent VOIP PBX phone system. Integrated direct inward dialing numbers technology and attire your IP PBX phone to work just like another day at the office without any need for special equipments to purchase.

Get a free assessment & consultation from experts on custom PBX solution setup and virtual hosted PBX products including configuration and feasibility of toll free and vanity numbers for your business.

Intelligent Find Me / Follow Me Services hosted remotely with your PBX phone system integrated with advanced call forwarding services and blend in the perfect solution for clients who are constantly on the go.

With powerful automated attendant solutions integrated with voicemail features hosted with customizable branding based connotation depending on the aesthetics of different businesses to configure all incoming calls to an extension, group, call queue or cell phone and new age gadgetries like an iPad or an iPhone via voicemail inbox mailing services.

Gingerbread Android: Smarter Smart Phone Experience

Gingerbread, the fastest android OS yet is pre-installed with the latest Nexus S Smart Phone.

Take a quick look at the latest smart phone release powered with the Google mantra for success; this ingenious droid does it all from NFC API integration for mobile electronic payments to smart SIP performance support one too many open source audio video formats!

With easy to use intuitive navigation, Gingerbread Android 2.3 is a lot easier to use and learn with a collective improvement to the virtual keyboard as posted by one blogger who further adds that the latest droid comes with a reshaped structure of the keys and improved positioning for faster text typing and a larger vivid dictionary prediction area.

Power & Apps management improvements furthermore attribute to an improved CP performance that saves battery power by automatically detecting and killing apps that are using too much of your device power along with more data network options to communicate using SIP to trigger a two way internet video call using either front or rear camera supporting open media standards like: VP8 – an open video format released by Google; WebM Video –Royalty free audio/video format for video compression for use with HTML5; AAC – the successor for mp3 format and AMR – an audio data format optimized for speech coding.

Download management is another aspect that has improved with unified access to all mails, browser downloads and other apps controllable from one place. Better allocation management with the built-in task manager to review all active applications and what types of resources are being currently used and kill any app or program manually if something is wrong.

Gingerbread supports near field communications technology which is a big deal inJapan, a trend that the world will soon follow suit with the ability to use your smart phone do the job of your credit card to make point of sale purchases.

Gingerbread Android 2.3 comes with enhancements for gaming performance with Concurrent garbage collector, faster event distribution and updated video drivers. With native input including open API for native audio and sensor events with Gyroscope and other new sensors, this droid version delivers improved 3D motion processing.

1Click International Dialing Android Apps

Best Android Apps

Image by Brian Sawyer via Flickr

Unravel a world of savings on all your international calls while traveling or roaming internationally with 1-click international dialing applications powered for your Android OS smart phone device that dials the local international calling access number provided by your international calling provider followed by the destination number with just a single click and aiding the convenience to eliminate online calling cards or to remember long access numbers.

Most global calling service providers would offer you online calling card with the local access number to dial in to and authenticate your account with the PIN and dial away the desired destination number. With 1-Click International dialing, you suffice the entire typical process into a single click, that speed dials the local access number follow it up with auto authentication with your registered account call back number that can be your smart phone cell number as well and then dial away the destination number. And all this without even using your carrier’s data network!

1-Click International Dialing from your android OS smart phone and touch screen devices enables you to dial and connect from multiple international locations and save on expensive international roaming cost with the options to update your access number based on your international location. Android smart phone OS will automatically update all your smart phone address book contact with the newly updated local access number so that you continue enjoying the luxury of smart 1-Click international dialing even when you are on the go!

Android smart phone apps are the latest in the global market share for smart phone dominancy with state-of-the-art apps for every walk of life and android sets themselves largely because of their technology being made available to some really basic affordable mobile phones and thus allowing the smart phone apps to play action.

What we mean to say is you can afford to get yourself an android powered mobile OS from one too many official manufacturers unlike blackberry & iPhone that are dedicated to only their brand built devices.

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Callback Services 4 Global Calling

International Call Back Service plans offers you a range of prepaid calling options as well as unlimited international calling plan for a flat monthly rental.

Follow the same suite of solutions for the latest arrival of smart phone apps for a for Android OS, Blackberry 7 iPhone incredibly works from any Wi-Fi hot spot location including the US and other locations across the globe, without costing anything to the mobile carrier roaming minutes other than the data connection.

With 1-Click International dialing with PIN less dialing where the process of account authentication and gateway via VOIP communication is registered to your preferred phone number and so that the user can now simply click on the contact from their smart phone and trigger the call.

The smart phone application will automatically dial the local access number from the preconfigured location settings based on the user’s international location and follow up with auto authentication & PIN less dialing as a measure of unified registration of the user’s telephone number.

Customizable greetings and a range of other value added web account services, including the option to change the default call back number while traveling with the hotel room number or any other local number from any international destinations.

Smart Phone applications will detect intelligently to trigger the call back to the updated call back number using the data connection and once the incoming call is answered, another call is triggered to the desired contact’s destination number including both mobile and landline number.

You can also reverse the process discussed above and configure to trigger the first call to the desired destination number and when the call is answered, customize branding greetings from the IVR welcomes or thanks the caller and request them to hold while they connect the call to your default callback number.

Integrate 1-click international dialing to callback service smart phone apps from the same account and experience the convenience of single click dialing to trigger a customized greetings call to the user and connecting them to you once they answer your call. Incredibly, your phone number remains the same as saved on your address book and thus not confusing the receiver with an unidentified number.

Android OS Powered International Calling

Android OS based smart phone apps are an extended third party applications marketing  a host of native device functionality and thereby reserving an unprecedented degree of open source integration for the purpose of gaming to affordable international calling experience at a quarter of your current cost.

Initiate all your international calls from your Android OS powered smart phone address book contacts just like a regular call by intelligently using the carrier’s data network to trigger a two way international dialing process and connecting both the calls while experiencing the same decree of call quality & clarity.

Android OS powered international calling apps or to be more precise international call back triggering app is a free to download lightweight mobile application that installs in seconds and configures all the contacts on your Android smart phone with the option to trigger a call back to your smart phone number and when you answer the call, another call is triggered to connect with the desired destination number.

Ensure that the desired destination of the contact is dialed by prefixing the appropriate country code followed by the destination number as well as savings all the contacts on the smart phone users address book with the same process of prefixing the destination numbers with the correct country code based on the location of the contacts.

Whenever a call needs to be placed, the Android OS user simply chooses the contacts name with from their address book and triggers an outgoing international call to the desired destination contact using the data connectivity. The entire process from initiating the call to integrating both the calls for a unified conversation experience is conveniently simple and affordably competitive giving the luxury of smart international calling from any android OS powered smart phone.

Every time the Android OS powered smart phone user opts to use the international call back services, the device automatically routes the call using data connectivity to trigger the first call to the default call back number of the caller. Once the incoming call is answered by the caller, a second call is triggered to the desired destination contact number eliminating long distance calling charges on roaming provided by your smart phone mobile network carrier.

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