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Conferencing Classroom Sessions

Conferencing Classroom Sessions

Conferencing Classroom Sessions

Ideally, the highest recommendable perspective is to remain attached to your core responsibility and leave any & every technology or connection or system configuration based gamut issues to the subject matter experts.

Make sure to communicate to your classroom trainees with the mandatory rule to switch off or log out from any instant messaging programs that they are logged in whilst your classroom session is in process so that these distracting relevancies which also impacts your overall bandwidth transfer over your network, thus affecting the performance quality of your own connection.

Communicate the notion or best practice methodologies pursued with your classroom management sessions on scenarios like recording the entire session for deliverance to any trainer or trainee email address. Although such an expendable & flexible attribute is indeed possible but at the same time they impacts your network connection and bandwidth usage owing to the transfer & processing of such large audio, video or web recorded files via email or an online repository.

Technically such an arrangement is exclusively available at your disposition; however, minimizing dependency on such aspects, which is coherently proportional to occupying large amount of web space, memory usage and upload time should be constrained to an all time bare minimum. Most email service providers limits on the maximum number of file size that you can attach on an email and therefore such an option can be absolutely related to as “no follow”. If such an expendable requirement of making your sessions available to a wider network of people, you can opt for the recording of these sessions in a CD or DVD or have them available as a download-able file from your website or such an online repository.

While you are on a live classroom session, it is pertinently advisable to limit the usage of a cordless phone as the same is static and furthermore do not go for the speaker-phone option of your landline phone as the same will result background noise and echo over your ongoing conferencing session.

After several conferencing classroom session between the trainer and the trainee, there will be a situation of monotony that can seep in at times and to aid avoidance of such an aspect should be negated with the structuring of a routine learning schedule. The students or the trainee should be facilitated with the motivational offering of something unique and new to look forward from the next scheduled classroom session.

The ideal aim is to limit your online classroom management session to a bare minimum of 3-4 sessions a week and anything over & above the same will result in affecting the ability to grasp, retain and relate by your students over the previous lessons with diminishing effects.

Discipline with regard to maintaining a tight schedule with on-the-dot reporting for each of your virtual classroom session is more than a mandatory agenda and must be pursued religiously with keen expectations communicated to your trainees by setting tests and reviews at regular intervals.

At the end of the day, the idea is to be coherently radical and honest with assessment of your online training simulations to your addressees so that the overall learning process is a great channel of internal motivation and the ability to perform better because of your initiation. Provide vital encouraging feedback to your counterparts for assignments that you have allotted as well as guide your trainees or students to prepare for future lessons pro-actively with the sole perspective that are geared into motion of upgrading the students learning experience.


Blackboard Environment Learning: The Way Forward!

Blackboard Environment Learning: The Way Forward!

Blackboard Environment Learning: The Way Forward!

Blackboard environment is the provisioning of study & learning materials in a virtual repository for online remote education or classroom management perspectives put into practice for the effective utilization of these invaluable resources across the web. The practical perspectives as to how a newbie in the online education field can about comprehend the registration, usage and activities pursued with the integration of blackboard environment technology is the agenda of this post.

Start with an extensive research over the Internet for the course or learning material that you are looking for using search engines and appropriate keywords that relates the subject that you want to pursue. By referring keywords, we mean the terms associated with the details of the course that you are looking for ranging from effective online training “like (online learning, online trainer)” to other conventional subjects like “computing education”, “internet advertisements”, “pay per click campaign”, “programming lessons”, “litigation case files”, “corporate case studies” & etc.

Once you have finalized the chosen subject, register for the said subject from an online instructor or the professional educational institutes that offers online learning modules also referred as Blackboard environment learning. Register for the course by complying with the formalities required to facilitate your enrollment in their database to allow you to avail access to their online repository.

Blackboard Technology Sessions

Blackboard Technology Sessions

Based on forum-to-forum, your blackboard environment learning facilitator manages your application with various levels of authorization and approval before giving you access to their online information vault. The distribution of the learning materials or the structuring of the course material along with other features like assignments or related Q&A based quiz materials facilitated for the online course.

Depending on the subject of your online learning interest, collate more related information on the given subject by digging the web yourself or requesting assistance from your facilitator. They can refer you to concise platforms where the exact information based on your needs is available for your comprehension.

Most of these materials vary from eBooks; download-able files for podcast learning, etc are available with both free & paid options. However It is advisable here forth to not go for paid options of any online learning materials or repositories in relation to your blackboard environment subject before consulting an expert from an online education facilitator or related online forums.

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Multipoint Video Conferencing

Multipoint Video Conferencing

Multipoint Video Conferencing

Web based multiparty video conference solutions uniquely deploy high-performance projectiles of new found power mergers for your business and the goal is to identify the structure of business units, be it SMB, SME or a large enterprise. In addition, rich variants like point-to-point and Multipoint video conference solutions add more to the clause of a feasible and an unparalleled communication bridge.

Multiparty video conference bridging services between two or more video nodes at dedicated high-speed ISDN or IP networks is based on the architecture of integrated point to Multipoint services that are ideal for online learning lectures and video training broadcasts, virtual training sessions, product launches and demonstrations, online promotions and events, virtual press conferences, webcast sessions, e-learning and online distant education.

Large party conferences for businesses are ideal for interaction where participation is anticipated from each attendee to discuss everyday agendas ranging from sales reviews, staff meetings, board meetings customer – vendor training sessions and more multi point services with visual architecture at each end of the conference line.

Point-to-Point Services in reference are the ideal means of instant one-on-one interaction from attendees from every corner of the globe to conduct small conferences, interactive visual interviews for remote candidates, customer – vendor meetings, legal depositions, remote troubleshooting & more.

Point-to-Point Videoconference

Point-to-Point Videoconference

High-quality audio & video conference sessions today is the order of many SMB and large enterprises businesses with global workforce, customers, vendors, partners and are changing the very nature of communication within any conventional office spaces. Point-to-Point & Multipoint Video Conference Solutions are quintessentially simpler in the purview of remote global conversations, remote controlled collaborated presentations, and score more effectiveness & purpose as compared to a regular phone based audio conference communication channels for businesses across the globe.

Teleconferencing as some may refer or audio conference solutions and their counterparts web conferencing integrated with video conference science is the future for businesses, online education & unified communications. Deploy a virtual environment in just seconds to conduct rich interactive video-based discussions, corporate boardroom presentations, intelligent visual & data transmission for online meeting activities using features like document sharing, desktop sharing, remote presenter controls, annotation & whiteboard tools.

Multiparty Video Conference

Multiparty Video Conference

Deploy stimulating, engaging activities like online on-demand polling between the meeting attendees for various topics & subjects as the agenda of the conference session takes motion to drive purpose into profit. These intelligent Q & A sessions are very demanding in terms of execution and defining the sense of an agenda in accord with highly skilled conference operators offered by almost all conference vendors today for the sole purpose of hassle free smooth interactions

With dedicated port based services and dedicated seat based video conference solutions, large enterprise workforce resources are able to experience the spontaneity of exchanging thoughts & sharing ideas across business associates, colleagues, clients, etc together with the aid of unified conferencing platforms anytime, anywhere in an instant!

Conference Technology for Podcast Learning

Podcast Capture

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The impact of your conference sessions successes are of high value to the entity you represent and are great assets loaded with rich information that are recorded stored and distributed across the web or straight to your iPod devices. This entirety in simple words is labeled with terms like podcast production, podcast broadcast, podcast learning and many more such variants each with their own structure and definitions of deliverance.

Having access to these rich web media collection dubbed with music in the background for an amazing podcast session while you are driving or times when you are more close to your secret enrolling for new study challenges. There is no end to learning in the most realistic sense and the drive to thrust through such illogical notions of “what to study more” or “why study more” or “oh! I had it good. Don’t need more” and it goes on and on and I am very sure you all feel the same that most of us will say like “come on dude…..i had had my share of education……I have passed out of Harvard” or whatever!

The point is we are most likely to refrain from the very thought of more education. Most of you are surely smiling on this thought and what notch!

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Podcast learning is intense stuff and goes good if you are pursuing online education. These recorded sessions are the tapes of information on course material, learning and more & more valuable information on various subjects & domains. We say so more likely for online educationists because at the end of the day, they are the likeliest in today’s scenario who could sincerely consider an effort to collect these podcast based materials across the web in compatible .mp3, .avi, .wav & other audio format files and have them available at their behest!

We are talking about the fundamental perspectives of conferencing to propagate online learning by capturing and recording conference sessions in real time. Have these sessions available after suitable edits and addition of background music & other silver lining options & more across the web as downloads from web repositories straight to your pod devices and thus the attire called Podcast Learning.

Podcast Listening

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You may furthermore relate the adoption & deploying adaptation of desktop based video conferencing fundamentals. Go further with the notions and appraisals for the regular if not mandatory aspects of recording your real time teleconferencing sessions or the web conference session or the entire video conferencing session that integrates audio and video conference sessions.

Podcast learning is deep!

Imagine the concept of relativity that we have just balanced by correlating the notion of conference technology usage or more specifically results based realization & the déjà vu of relating the institution of conference based promotions for the lateral preservation Podcast learning.

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Virtual Classrooms: Tips for Online Trainers!

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Most projected media used for your video conferencing teaching session relay a picture-on-picture box scenario on the same screen depending on the activity conducted at the trainers end and experienced at the receiving end of the trainee due to network or bandwidth transfer reasons. Make sure that you confirm consistently with your online trainee which of the files of these “boxes” on your screen is in contention based on the momentary subject being discussed at that moment. These can be the document camera, presentation player or any other media in use in real time as the trainer presides over the classroom session.

In the literal sense, continue the notion of the discussion immediately over to the next available option for live monitoring your conference participants via public chat over the web conference feature. Announce at once that you are experiencing audio or technical difficulties over the phone conference portion to everyone presiding over the conference, again including remote connections. These create a better sense of belongingness and a personalized experience helping you build a better relationship improving the teacher student communion.

Indoctrinate the routine of getting over with your online classroom session at the end of the scheduled time and avoid pursuance of any opportunity to continue the discussion beyond the class time. If you wish to encourage more keen participants after every scheduled classroom session, propose deliverance to such requirements by noting them down online or sharing those using tools such as the discussion board on your blackboard environment platform.



Its is naturally pertinent to avoid continuation with the conference discussion with your online classroom trainees until all issues pertaining to connection lag in the session is resolved first and restart thereafter. Continue with your presence and control of matters by marking your presence felt even when your attendees are experiencing first hand connectivity or audio distortion over the phone conference portion of the video conference enabled with video conferencing online classroom management including remotely.

Another important attribute or a standard compliance is follow an instant update process to notify your conference vendor instantly for the need in any shift of conference location controls over the call for any upload or presentation based requirements from your students end. Such an automated intelligent notification is bound to delight one too many.

Prioritize your priorities of sequencing ascending importance to issues like following sincere efforts of being available to calls for any scheduled or unscheduled hour and respond in quick time over student emails, forum posts and such related online activities pursued by the students to learn more about what they learned so far.

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Blackboard Environment: Trainer’s Arsenal!

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The usage of blackboard environment is deeply dynamic in nature either synchronously for trainees or for students using their personal laptop or smart phone devices while attending the online classroom session or asynchronously that relates tasks that you can save online and complete from your desktop at home.

Online state-of-the-art video conferencing technology for online learning and blackboard environment web based repositories are extensively used for most online classroom or group based discussions and activities with the assistance of real time virtual collaboration tools like private & public chat tools, online discussion threads, forums, emails etc.

Be aware and dedicated towards participants or students who are hesitant or shy in being in an online discussion board and therefore make sure that you have communicated easy prompt accessibility to your phone or other contactable options to reach you.

Persuade & promote the notion to sit in the first few rows from a remote physical classroom via video conferencing technology, as at times it is difficult to see students sitting beyond the first few rows. Converse mandatory ground rules for all your remote classroom session to avoid the usage of microphones or mute your audio controls as one of the most common complaints relayed by students is in relation to excessive microphone static or noise.

picture of an e-learning classroom

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Encourage the relay of blackboard environment technology for online study materials as well as other such propagandas pertaining to online education or remote classroom sessions inherited with video conferencing technology. Ensure that the trainer communicates clearly in advance, which of the study materials will be used for the next session and do they (the trainee) need to get a copy of the same.

Another trifle behavioral issue is when at times your classroom students are not able to hear the trainers lecture due to others talking in the same classroom and thus be sure to communicate abidance to any such common courtesy expectations.

Virtual collaboration tools can furthermore relate their importance with the facilitation of an online repository or customized homepage exclusive for each trainee where they can log on to the instructional platforms using their desktop or laptops and submit or queue up questions and clarifications through the public or private chatting feature.

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Telemedicine & Telehealth Programs

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The ideologies that shaped the symposium of advanced science technology in the facilitation of innovative Telemedicine and Telehealth based programs for the essential realization of the core fundamentals that is shaped with the utilization of these said advents towards a universal comprehension and understandability via audio and video conferencing marked by the arrival of virtual health based programs.

The aspects of Telemedicine and Telehealth programs and policy development for the effective use of its inclination towards a virtual evaluation of human health examination can unfold variants of powerful pragmatic efforts proposed in universities, medical centers and other public, private as well as military sectors is more than a commendable application.

The realization of immense intense remote possibilities that are otherwise regarded not possible within the limitation of boundaries, costs & time is been completely negated with the apprehension of conferencing technology integrated with audio & video conference attributes.

Global entities & representations from across North & South America, Europe, Africa, Asia & theMiddle Eastare increasingly getting themselves aware of these newfound methodologies of human excellence for the facilitation of a better dynamic tomorrow is more than a forte of immense significance & radical practicality. By marking their emerging presence via numerous series of formal presentations, panel discussions and workshops of forums for the effective collaboration of Telemedicine and Telehealth program practices.

The surveillance of conferencing technology in the participation to expand the meaning of Telemedicine and Telehealth programs employed by various institutes is conducive via a series of progressive discussion and workshops or forums for a summarized plenary assignment of respective interest and expertise that lays the foundation of a structure that is a shining brilliance of human endeavor. The conjunction of communication possibilities aided with visuals to illustrate the emulation of remote health care facilitation.

The announcement of these intrinsic evaluations derived from various subjective deliberations for the advancement of human understanding and the comprehension of neo network organizational models, technology based developments for health centric applications, remote clinical applications, public health reservoirs that virtually translate remote health check ups, disease surveillance, personal health, remote health education and telemedicine diffusion.

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Blackboard Technology Sessions

Blackboard Technology Sessions

Blackboard Technology Sessions

Up until now, the teaching faculty for any school or college or a management institute with specialized courses, where the information on the subject is handed out via handouts of carbon-based manuscripts to their students.  Using a typical classroom blackboard session where the information dispersed or written on the blackboard imperatively needs to be noted by the entire class, which is argumentatively debated and instantaneously overruled as a mandatory everyday action.

Irony is we are talking of education in the twenty first century by means of wasting vital resources like paper and ink, with the added negated crux of time wastage and the overall process applies a strenuous physical effort.

Further more, the trainers or instructors are expected collate substantial centralizing course material related to their field of expertise, qualification & knowledge and pursue interactive online learning techniques via high-quality learning medium effective & applicable for both physical classroom students as well remote distance learning enrollees.

The role of the trainer or instructor does these actions with the aid of the typical course management systems traditionally placed and followed over a long period-of-time are today impressively eying to embrace the emergence of online education using state-of-the-art video conferencing technologies.

The popularity in the purity of video conferencing technology is quotient to effective understanding of the fundamental dynamics of online classroom management, which will emphatically replace traditional teaching methodologies and synchronizing itself as an exemplary adversary de-facto with the notion of reserving and saving vital carbon based resources.

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