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Features of SMS Conference Dial Outs

Mobile phone evolution

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In continuation to our post “SMS Conference Dial Outs” we dig deeper into the rabbit hole and look for more features attired by the role of short messaging services to trigger online meetings & conferences.

An interesting and unique instant conference solution feature integrated with mobile short messaging service is the ability to initiate a scheduled conference call from remote locations with out the need for any data connection or a device like a laptop or a desktop computer.

Interesting pre-automated features include the ability to rejoin a conference call if the participant drops the call unintentionally with the option to allow the participant to continue with the conference call by calling back and join in the ongoing conference in less than 2-3 minutes. Such attire is absolutely blessed if an accidental phone disconnection does not inadvertently disconnect any ongoing conference call participant.

In such a case, ensure that the participant is aware of the various other modes to join the ongoing conference session like toll & toll free dial in access numbers. It is important to therefore intimate all the conference participants with the information to join a conference session using multiple modes by providing them the details via an email or an SMS as well including the pass-codes and the toll & toll free dial in numbers.

More alternative solutions would include the scenario to initiate a callback if the participants are dropped accidentally. In such a case, the system is configured intelligently to call back the participant automatically and allow them to join the scheduled conference session. However, the system can again limit the entry of such scenarios to say 2-3 tries for reasons of security during the conference event attended by participants from all parts of the globe via a network of incoming dial in access numbers as well as web based dial outs triggered via SMS.

SMS codes could be furthermore configured to automatically detect a predefined phone number as the conference host for the duration of the meeting, record an online meeting session as well as request the call details & post conference reports by sending a preset code via an SMS!

Additionally SMS conference service users can configure their mobile phones with speed keys that in the back end comply with the process to send SMS blast dial outs to different groups and thus exhibit the talent to initiate an instant audio conference session by using the speed dial feature on their phone. An inspiring talented feature configured to reach priorities like a broader official communication channeled based on organizational hierarchy, calling your family members, calling friends & colleagues etc.

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SMS Conference Dial Outs

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SMS based conference triggers are essentially tools best attired for professionals who are constantly on the go and therefore the need to attire tools that felicitate them to conduct & initiate a conference session by sending preformatted SMS that works more like codes where each code is predefined for a specific job. SMS Conference Dial Outs are a well thought out process that is defined well in advance with pre-requisites like sorting the list of participants who are to be dial out by the system automatically once the system receives a preformatted message in the shape of an SMS to perform the necessary action.

Regular SMS based conference service users configure the list of the participants and adds them into a group that will deliver the SMS to the group users respectively to attend a forthcoming conference event. Different message codes could be configured like for instance, SMS 52272 to instantly start a dial out trigger to users in a dedicated group.

More actions of SMS codes could be predefined for the role to include a particular phone number to be the conference host automatically by allowing the system to identify the host’s phone number and therefore deploy him/her as the conference speaker for the duration of the scheduled meeting. The best part with SMS based conference trigger is the independency in the deliverables of the service only for the duration of establishing connection.

Once a connection is established and all participants are placed in the conference, thereafter the same is not depended on any other factors like an internet connection and therefore making SMS based conference services even bigger and better as compared to mobile conference services or a typical web based desktop conference event for freelance conference operators whose role is limited to initiating & placing participants to a scheduled conference session.

If two conference callers were using the same PIN to log in to a conference event, the second caller would automatically be recognized as a participant by the system intelligently to give the first participant flexibility-enhanced maneuverability as the conference host!

In summary, SMS based instant audio conferencing services allow:

  • Send a SMS message to trigger a web based conference dial out process
  • Send an inbound call and trigger dial out conference with remote participants
  • Create a group for regular participants and send an instant SMS to trigger a scheduled conference call
  • Send Group SMS for an event like a corporate Webinar or an online trade show
  • Ability to record the audio conference sessions on the go by sending SMS
  • Receive call details and usage reports by sending a simple SMS to a preconfigured number like 57222
  • SMS codes to automatically place a predefined phone number to be the conference host for the duration of the meeting.

We will discuss more features on SMS based conference triggers to dial out conference participants and manage the call using a set of preformatted SMS codes arranged intelligently to deploy defined actions under its ambit

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VOIP Conference Dial-Out Calling via Short Message Service

VOIP Conference Dial-Out Calling via Short Message Service

VOIP Conference Dial-Out Calling via Short Message Service

Cellular phone users across the globe are an intense proposition for any country and the intensity of mobile service provider competition needs no briefing. The demand is to not only attract the best in service & coverage but the amalgamation of new value added products constantly and maintain the standards of their network.

The rise in the adversary of unified communication technology especially the attire of audio conferencing is on an all time high. The demand of audio conferencing communication via mobile phone has its own limitation with the maximum of three-way conversation by one user. Of course, others in the conversation can again bring in two more participants on the ongoing mobile conference conversation.

Conferencing using a standard mobile phone using regular calling plan is indeed limited when it comes to the notion of comparing the same from the perspective of making a multi party conference call using the same device and yet yield manifold.

Instant SMS based audio conferencing services revivifies the consonance of the human endeavor in achieving the unperceivable logics of technological ruse on a role to merge limitless possibilities of corporate communication across the globe.

Technically, the service is as simple as sending a SMS to the USN platform of any mobile service provider to decipher the backend code that relays the details of the parties to be joiner into a conference call. Once the backend message is relayed and decoded, the USN platform furthermore initiates the outgoing calling to bring in all the scheduled participants intended to attend the scheduled multi party audio conference conversation.

One of the core possibilities merged by the advanced USN platform is the ability to interface and connect forthwith both TDM and VOIP network with mobile SMS services to initiate a remote mobile SMS triggered conference event. Intelligent, convenient and instant mobile SMS based conference solutions in the legacy of either TDM based MSC (Mobile Switching Center) as well as Soft Switch based MSC that is ideally to support VOIP trunks.

Jet lagged protégés are always short on time as their profile is as such that keeps them rolling one after another and for such a scenario which is again so practically endurable. With monotonous activities like sending an invitation to attend a scheduled conference call along with the details of the conference bridge and the credentials to join the conference at the scheduled hour.

With the introduction of advanced and convenient SMS based conference trigger under the network of USN platform that supports SMPP3.4 (Short Message Peer-to-Peer) protocol that plainly plays the role interfacing the audio conference event with external SMSC (Short Messaging Service Center).

This unique feature under the USN platform to support both Mobile Originating (MO) and Mobile Terminations (MT) traffic in real time to allow SMS powered audio conference users to simply send a SMS text message to the USN platform and allow the backend configuration thereafter to concierge users and attendees to be welcomed into the scheduled conference event.

Highlighted Endeavors of Professional Conference Operators

Connotations of web based reporting platform for a customized private real time review of the conference participants as they join in and go forth with their activities and objectivities during a live conference session. Equipped with interactive responsive features from your web based conference management platform with hand raising tools to indicate any participants need for clarity on the ongoing discussion. Communicate in advance about the background of the participants respectively to know the audience that you are serving as a web or conference operator.

Essential media-facing corporate events or a conference session initiated for your company’s upper management with the detailing of subject matter reports, data & presentations to effectively employ enthusiasm amongst your participants. Take guests attending your corporate event on a virtual web tour based on the client’s product dynamics as well as services rendered by the organization that the client represents, all via a global network of PCs integrated with IP based audio conferencing services for cost controlled communications.

Maintain consistency in your control while presiding or monitoring a live conference call and determine the information collated from your participants for the effective distribution of email reminders, individual registration ID’s, phone, web and combination of phone/web options available at your command.

Allow your online meetings to be accessible using a range of convenient conference access options like toll & toll free dial-in numbers, single city number, local access numbers and web based conference dial-outs. Advance conference access options that most conference vendor today offers also includes intelligent click-to-call technology or SMS based messaging to trigger or attend a conference session. Connote professional conference transcription providers to elaborate the intricate details of any conference session to archive, store or broadcast the details for future references or as post-event press release materials.

Anyone who views your archived or recorded conference sessions is captured and reported to you instantly so that you are aware in real time about all post conference activities pursued by your attendees or others who could not attend the corporate event. Perceive future course of actions based on the decisions that you have expedited or concluded after reviewing these post conference actions and know more as well as better about your conference call’s extended audience.

The effective utilization of the information captured about your corporate event attendees or a general conference session allows you to furthermore expedite reference eloquence about who heard your conference session, the details of the ones that have missed the call and whom you need to follow up as a post conference call-to-action activity.

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Web 2.0 Channels for Conference Communications

State-of-the-art audio, video and web conference technology is the momentum of communication and the not so distant future remains to be the testament on the doctrinaire in the playground of new advanced technology tools amalgamated for the emulations of remote possibilities in the merger of reason, rhyme & rhythm!

Other than the conventional services like audio conference solution offered via a channel of toll & toll freebased conference access numbers, web based dial out, SMS conferencing and more. Likewise is the purview of web & video conference solutions that not only preserves the conversation but the same time make the same available to a wider audience dispersed as value added services in addition of the regular conference solutions.

Recorded audio, video and web conference sessions are converted into medial files with assured delivery in multiple global destinations and burned into a CD or a DVD.

Prepare customized participants list for regular conference attendees along with the details of the conference leader name, location, conference start time & end time and lastly the account credentials like the conference participant and conference leader PIN or pass-codes required to establish a connection.

Skilled professional conference operators ensure that the ongoing conference session for any business or entity programs smoothly ordained to conducting pre conference testing like a dry run to test the audio quality, the system arrangements for the web conference session projected using a projector in real time and interactive visual communication to aid more panache, flair and style.

Mobile Conference Solutions

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Mobile anywhere office is the next generation perspective for jet lagged protégés and the increasing demand for smart phone application to monitor & manage live conferences from your mobile device is already answered with widgets and apps to manage the role of your surrogate conference leader.

In an age of virtuosity where everything related to your work life can be conducted using an array of state-of-the-art conference communication technology without you physically being available for the same. Conference on the go also revered as a mobile conference solution integrates a world of convenience today and therefore the need to plan and scheduled your conference is more than a prerequisite for the success of the event.

Planning an event or a web presentation or a conference event with remote mergers and possibilities of literary acquisition other than the strategy for business dynamics and profit ratio and more quotients of everyday chores replaced with the unified answer of mobile conference solutions.

Today’s corporate attire is mostly smart phones from droid machines to the upcoming iPhone5 – the advent of smart phone users and mobile communicators relating office on the go prudent possibilities of conference participation to moderation from any mobile phone either by sending SMS to trigger pre-scheduled dial out calls to smart phone app that uses the carrier’s data network to deliver mobile VOIP conference solutions.

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