Conferencing Classroom Sessions

Conferencing Classroom Sessions

Conferencing Classroom Sessions

Ideally, the highest recommendable perspective is to remain attached to your core responsibility and leave any & every technology or connection or system configuration based gamut issues to the subject matter experts.

Make sure to communicate to your classroom trainees with the mandatory rule to switch off or log out from any instant messaging programs that they are logged in whilst your classroom session is in process so that these distracting relevancies which also impacts your overall bandwidth transfer over your network, thus affecting the performance quality of your own connection.

Communicate the notion or best practice methodologies pursued with your classroom management sessions on scenarios like recording the entire session for deliverance to any trainer or trainee email address. Although such an expendable & flexible attribute is indeed possible but at the same time they impacts your network connection and bandwidth usage owing to the transfer & processing of such large audio, video or web recorded files via email or an online repository.

Technically such an arrangement is exclusively available at your disposition; however, minimizing dependency on such aspects, which is coherently proportional to occupying large amount of web space, memory usage and upload time should be constrained to an all time bare minimum. Most email service providers limits on the maximum number of file size that you can attach on an email and therefore such an option can be absolutely related to as “no follow”. If such an expendable requirement of making your sessions available to a wider network of people, you can opt for the recording of these sessions in a CD or DVD or have them available as a download-able file from your website or such an online repository.

While you are on a live classroom session, it is pertinently advisable to limit the usage of a cordless phone as the same is static and furthermore do not go for the speaker-phone option of your landline phone as the same will result background noise and echo over your ongoing conferencing session.

After several conferencing classroom session between the trainer and the trainee, there will be a situation of monotony that can seep in at times and to aid avoidance of such an aspect should be negated with the structuring of a routine learning schedule. The students or the trainee should be facilitated with the motivational offering of something unique and new to look forward from the next scheduled classroom session.

The ideal aim is to limit your online classroom management session to a bare minimum of 3-4 sessions a week and anything over & above the same will result in affecting the ability to grasp, retain and relate by your students over the previous lessons with diminishing effects.

Discipline with regard to maintaining a tight schedule with on-the-dot reporting for each of your virtual classroom session is more than a mandatory agenda and must be pursued religiously with keen expectations communicated to your trainees by setting tests and reviews at regular intervals.

At the end of the day, the idea is to be coherently radical and honest with assessment of your online training simulations to your addressees so that the overall learning process is a great channel of internal motivation and the ability to perform better because of your initiation. Provide vital encouraging feedback to your counterparts for assignments that you have allotted as well as guide your trainees or students to prepare for future lessons pro-actively with the sole perspective that are geared into motion of upgrading the students learning experience.


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