Strategize your Virtual Office 2 Strategize your Business Globally

Strategize your Virtual Office 2 Strategize your Business Globally

Strategize your Virtual Office 2 Strategize your Business Globally

State-of-the-art professional virtual receptionist services for all your incoming business calls to give your business bigger dynamic profile with intelligent features to transfer calls to staff or workforces anywhere within the US and over 36 countries in across 1000 destinations.

Get your business local toll & toll free number or use your current business number to offer personalized automated greetings to callers and direct them through a network of extensions as per the hierarchy of your business or by name and voice-mail inbox identified again by name or by department.

With integrated “Find Me Follow Me” technology, track your availability to your current business number starting from your office phone to your home or cell phone.

Configure your phone extensions configured via IPPBX solutions to track, accept or send voice mail messages from your mobile phone while you are on the go and never miss an important phone call ever again!

Customize your business phone system, develop professional outgoing greetings, program your receptionist and more using existing local toll or toll free numbers or choose a new one from across 36 countries globally and create your virtual business presence from your current physical business base.

Hosted virtual IP PBX phone system auto attendant and complete VOIP compatible network solutions for unified communication over your existing network settings with powerful web based control panel with a range of toll free number to international toll & toll free business number solutions integrated with professional virtual receptionist services.

Email Callbacks aka Email 4 Callbacks

Email Callbacks aka Email 4 Callbacks

Give your business the international edge with local business numbers in over 100+ prime international metropolitan location and forward all incoming calls to your current phone system network through intelligent VOIP PBX phone system. Integrated direct inward dialing numbers technology and attire your IP PBX phone to work just like another day at the office without any need for special equipments to purchase.

Get a free assessment & consultation from experts on custom PBX solution setup and virtual hosted PBX products including configuration and feasibility of toll free and vanity numbers for your business.

Intelligent Find Me / Follow Me Services hosted remotely with your PBX phone system integrated with advanced call forwarding services and blend in the perfect solution for clients who are constantly on the go.

With powerful automated attendant solutions integrated with voicemail features hosted with customizable branding based connotation depending on the aesthetics of different businesses to configure all incoming calls to an extension, group, call queue or cell phone and new age gadgetries like an iPad or an iPhone via voicemail inbox mailing services.


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