Virtual Classrooms: Tips for Online Trainers!

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Most projected media used for your video conferencing teaching session relay a picture-on-picture box scenario on the same screen depending on the activity conducted at the trainers end and experienced at the receiving end of the trainee due to network or bandwidth transfer reasons. Make sure that you confirm consistently with your online trainee which of the files of these “boxes” on your screen is in contention based on the momentary subject being discussed at that moment. These can be the document camera, presentation player or any other media in use in real time as the trainer presides over the classroom session.

In the literal sense, continue the notion of the discussion immediately over to the next available option for live monitoring your conference participants via public chat over the web conference feature. Announce at once that you are experiencing audio or technical difficulties over the phone conference portion to everyone presiding over the conference, again including remote connections. These create a better sense of belongingness and a personalized experience helping you build a better relationship improving the teacher student communion.

Indoctrinate the routine of getting over with your online classroom session at the end of the scheduled time and avoid pursuance of any opportunity to continue the discussion beyond the class time. If you wish to encourage more keen participants after every scheduled classroom session, propose deliverance to such requirements by noting them down online or sharing those using tools such as the discussion board on your blackboard environment platform.



Its is naturally pertinent to avoid continuation with the conference discussion with your online classroom trainees until all issues pertaining to connection lag in the session is resolved first and restart thereafter. Continue with your presence and control of matters by marking your presence felt even when your attendees are experiencing first hand connectivity or audio distortion over the phone conference portion of the video conference enabled with video conferencing online classroom management including remotely.

Another important attribute or a standard compliance is follow an instant update process to notify your conference vendor instantly for the need in any shift of conference location controls over the call for any upload or presentation based requirements from your students end. Such an automated intelligent notification is bound to delight one too many.

Prioritize your priorities of sequencing ascending importance to issues like following sincere efforts of being available to calls for any scheduled or unscheduled hour and respond in quick time over student emails, forum posts and such related online activities pursued by the students to learn more about what they learned so far.

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