Training with Web Conferencing

Organizations around the globe are looking for web conferencing solutions to cut costs, increase productivity and improve profits and a major drive in this thrust is from the training department. Training is a dynamic wing for any organizations as the future of the company are nurtured all through the training door. Training is a department that addresses online training to deal with economic pressures and achieve greater efficiencies.

For example, according a latest report, North America has seen a surge in the usage of web conferencing by motivational trainers & training sessions.  About 55% has been using web conferencing solutions for the past 10 years or more and another 22% had five to ten years of experience. Fifty-one percent of these total respondents of the survey conducted by Citrix Online had never used web conferencing to conduct training.

Other Key findings of the survey include savings on the trainers travel cost and increasing the trainer’s reach. Trainers from these survey projects a growth of 34% in the coming year in the use of web conferencing although not surprisingly 14% of these respondents  cited “it is not a factor” when they were asked if savings on travel costs is a factor in their decision to move training online.

Understandably, the top reason quoted for what would inhibit the use of web conferencing for training is “training content that doesn’t display on a computer”

Trainers have agreed that the value of web conferencing for training is more than saving money and today web conferences are considered as the fastest growing alternative to in-person training.

Web conferencing engulfs engaging senses vs. audio conferencing alone, improves the trainers flexibility in content delivery vs. on-demand e-learning options and live training content often demands significantly lesser prep & production time. The bottom line is changing time call for changing tactics.


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