Blackboard Technology Sessions

Blackboard Technology Sessions

Blackboard Technology Sessions

Up until now, the teaching faculty for any school or college or a management institute with specialized courses, where the information on the subject is handed out via handouts of carbon-based manuscripts to their students.  Using a typical classroom blackboard session where the information dispersed or written on the blackboard imperatively needs to be noted by the entire class, which is argumentatively debated and instantaneously overruled as a mandatory everyday action.

Irony is we are talking of education in the twenty first century by means of wasting vital resources like paper and ink, with the added negated crux of time wastage and the overall process applies a strenuous physical effort.

Further more, the trainers or instructors are expected collate substantial centralizing course material related to their field of expertise, qualification & knowledge and pursue interactive online learning techniques via high-quality learning medium effective & applicable for both physical classroom students as well remote distance learning enrollees.

The role of the trainer or instructor does these actions with the aid of the typical course management systems traditionally placed and followed over a long period-of-time are today impressively eying to embrace the emergence of online education using state-of-the-art video conferencing technologies.

The popularity in the purity of video conferencing technology is quotient to effective understanding of the fundamental dynamics of online classroom management, which will emphatically replace traditional teaching methodologies and synchronizing itself as an exemplary adversary de-facto with the notion of reserving and saving vital carbon based resources.

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