Online Office Attendants 4 Anywhere Offices


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Consolidated extensive savings with IP telephony based voicemail services are already in practice virally and virtual switchboard solutions make the process of an online office attendant riveting & fitting to its finest core.

Online office attendants for anywhere office solutions are very much in practice today enabling brighter futuristic preview of tomorrow’s communication channels that works, serves and prevails virtually!

IP Telephony based solutions are already dramatically lowering maintenance & service costs for remote offices and branches of businesses of all sizes in tandem with cloud computing integration to enable more channels for anywhere office possibilities.

Power your end users to quickly adopt and deploy productive communication & collaborative sessions by featuring unified sign in services for a variety of tools using familiar interface and communicate on the PC, web as well as smart devices.

Smart Phone Callback service is taking the entire IP telephone and virtual office experience to a complete new dimension by magnifying your smart phone experience more eventful with applications to manage offices while you are on the go using the carrier’s data network to outplay efficiency.

If Virtual Switchboards | IP Telephony | IP PBX communication channels powers online office attendants & live real time monitoring then International Business Numbers | Unified Numbering | Advanced Call Forwarding | Direct Inward Dialing are the answers for anywhere offices!

Virtual switchboard solutions today manages your entire business network of communication to its very best by featuring a range of tools & assets aimed to make anywhere office solutions integrated virtual receptionists or attendants deploying advanced features like find me follow me, call re-routing & forwarding, voicemail inboxes, email notifications for missed calls, and loads of other prime features

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