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Intuitive tools like online Q&A sessions, conference polls, and a variety of other value added tools & features facilitated by either you as the conference moderator or the operator or moderator that you or your company may have hired makes regular webcast sessions for investor relations calls go out of the box and create dynamics!

Interoperable conference tools allow online events to nourish & rejuvenate with an interactive mode enabled participation gears for event attendees, virtual online trade fair visitors, customers, stakeholders & others. Features like sub conference trigger during an online meeting session with participants participating in an ongoing conference to a complete different participant called to clarify some important aspect during an expert attended online conference event session.

Conference participants could interact with each other via both public and private chat channels as well as in a group moderated by the conference host to feature members of group to assist as specialist available for any clarification on a subject discussed during a conference event. It may not be advisable to interact directly with the expert guest speaker for an ongoing conference session and therefore creating the need for expert group members from your regular conference attendees are tools that improvises engagement.

The idea is to pump as much tech-balanced adrenaline source viable to power better efficient and productive results for anything from a company’s investor relations calls to corporate training programs to regular boardroom conference sessions  by allowing all to engage, discuss & collaborate remotely & virtually.

Provide additional resources like all previous webcast sessions, any upcoming webcast event and a range of other tools & features as configured by the conference provider at the behest of their client made available via simple links on profile pages embedded with web 2.0 social sharing tools.

Tools like live conference polls, question & answer sessions, real time expert attended group chat conversations & interoperable conference tools like hand raise, changing presenter controls & live conference monitoring using web browsers as the bridge to channel web conferencing attires for your online meetings & conference events.

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