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Enable users to communicate better beyond the traditional means of communication like your Outlook | Eudora | Thunderbird email client with signature based email callback service that triggers phone to phone calls and collaborate remotely yet dynamically using smart phone & touch pad devices with single click solutions in the ambit of 3G technology evolving as we read to 4G dynamics.

Email callback also referred more commercially as click-to-call technology is a simple phone to phone call trigger process using SIP data connectivity to initiate two legged call scenario one to your default configured phone number and other to the desired destination number. Email recipients are already getting your VCard or your signature with the phone number, email, company address, twitter id, social network profiles & more. Give them now the advantage to get in touch with you now from your email signatures with just a simple “Call me” link or image!

Email callback aka email 4 callbacks simply offers your email readers with a link that they can click, feed their phone number and receive an instant call back from you if you are available or forward to the voicemail inbox after being auto greeted and placed on hold by the IVR with background music or information about the business dynamics like products & updates.

Experts have already quoted the future as a real time communication channel between real time website visitors and the backend sales team configured by the website owners using intelligent technology like call-to-action links & buttons that real time visitors clicks on a website, provide their phone numbers and receive an instant call back from the web site owner.

Click-to-Call based email callback signatures | Website Buttons for Callback | Social Network Profile Badges | that can be embedded to web based email service like, Yahoo.Com or and many more hot email service providers as well as social network profiles & blogs via account settings process and uploading the basic “copy-paste” script to start offering instant talk back features with your email readers, profile visitors, website visitors, blog readers & more.

Email callbacks gives an unique innovative branding perspectives by serving your newsfeeds, website content materials, email messages, twitter updates, blogs posts & social network profile pages to interact live and connect you to your web seekers in real time via phone to phone callback services using data network to make the entire deal downright competitive & practically deployable.

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  1. Click to call technology at its best connecting the website owners with the web visitors, email recipients to email senders for a new boost in email marketing, and more real time communication bridges that connects your phone, SIP account or better to your voice mail inbox!

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