Unified Conferencing

Cisco Teleconference

Unified Conferencing Solutions guarantees maximum audio bridge ports to conduct large conferences attended by hundreds of dial in conference participants. Equipped with state-of-the-art hardware and software network architecture supported 24/7 by professionally skilled support staff adds an even better credibility factor for superior enterprise telecom solutions.

Unified conferencing technically integrates all three audio, video & web conference solutions from a single web based dashboard built default for public viewing, if desired and rank higher on visibility across web search results.

Doing so, that is with unified conferencing; you also go big on savings from your entire broadcast!

Unified Conference Plans guarantees you flat savings on your current conference expenses with world class toll & toll free dial in access numbers options both in tandem with VOIP and TDM technology in the ambit of uncompromising call clarity and boosted with a range of features and other important prerequisites that ensilages complete conference security and confidentiality.

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