Gingerbread Android: Smarter Smart Phone Experience

Gingerbread, the fastest android OS yet is pre-installed with the latest Nexus S Smart Phone.

Take a quick look at the latest smart phone release powered with the Google mantra for success; this ingenious droid does it all from NFC API integration for mobile electronic payments to smart SIP performance support one too many open source audio video formats!

With easy to use intuitive navigation, Gingerbread Android 2.3 is a lot easier to use and learn with a collective improvement to the virtual keyboard as posted by one blogger who further adds that the latest droid comes with a reshaped structure of the keys and improved positioning for faster text typing and a larger vivid dictionary prediction area.

Power & Apps management improvements furthermore attribute to an improved CP performance that saves battery power by automatically detecting and killing apps that are using too much of your device power along with more data network options to communicate using SIP to trigger a two way internet video call using either front or rear camera supporting open media standards like: VP8 – an open video format released by Google; WebM Video –Royalty free audio/video format for video compression for use with HTML5; AAC – the successor for mp3 format and AMR – an audio data format optimized for speech coding.

Download management is another aspect that has improved with unified access to all mails, browser downloads and other apps controllable from one place. Better allocation management with the built-in task manager to review all active applications and what types of resources are being currently used and kill any app or program manually if something is wrong.

Gingerbread supports near field communications technology which is a big deal inJapan, a trend that the world will soon follow suit with the ability to use your smart phone do the job of your credit card to make point of sale purchases.

Gingerbread Android 2.3 comes with enhancements for gaming performance with Concurrent garbage collector, faster event distribution and updated video drivers. With native input including open API for native audio and sensor events with Gyroscope and other new sensors, this droid version delivers improved 3D motion processing.


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