Tools 4 Web Conferencing

Competition is cutthroat and the only unseen benefit that web conference vendors can marshal to attract buyers or conference users in plain terms by facilitating a barrage of convenient web based features & tools like instant post conference reports, real time conference monitoring, intelligent real time hand raising tools, public / private chat and etcetera from the armory of web conferencing communication.

Web Conferencing solutions powered with live conference manager web portal allows features like mute/un-mute, Start conference without leader or conference host, 1-click screen sharing on/off as well as change presenter controls dynamically to remote attendees and assigning control administrative rights for real time document sharing from remote IP bridged to the web conference server.

Lock – Unlock the ongoing conference session so that no one can join the session without the assistance of either the conference leader or the conference operator and many more user engaging applications. All objectives are inevitably targeted at maximizing the returns and the user experience from every successful web conference events.

These range of value added features with live attendee engaging simulations furthermore confirm intricate details of each conference conversation instantly at the click of a button by recording the entire web conference desktop presentation including the audio – video visuals at the end of every session and allow the key conference account holder or conference representing the conference client to extract maximum from each web conference.

Stay updated with the records for the total call duration, call cost per participant line and more related information to help comprehend the billing with instant post conference report including the minutes or seats used by attendees and measure bytes and usage dynamics of the conference sessions, laded also with reservation-less conferencing.


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